A quiet week, as one would expect from August. Enjoy your holidays, those of you who have them … and for the rest, here’s to a good Summer Reading Challenge and a return, however hesitant, to normality.

Changes by local authority

National news

  • AMA Conference 2021: 21-22 OctoberLibraries Connected Bursary Application Form – Libraries Connected. 3 bursaries.
  • The Bookseller to publish library-themed edition – BookSeller. “There will be several paid comment pieces commissioned from experts in this area, focusing on themes such as planning during the pandemic and digital content, as well as interviews and an in-depth focus on 10 libraries across the UK. The special issue, supported by OverDrive and Penguin Random House, will be the first ever library-themed edition of The Bookseller and will also survey librarians about their autumn highlights from a typically packed publishing season. “
  • Campaign Planning | Libraries Connected Marketing the Library Webinars | 2021 – Libraries Connected, Youtube. Excellent introduction on how to plan a promotional campaign of the kind so rarely seen in public libraries.
  • The Future of Libraries After Lockdown – Redbrick. “A combination of callous Tory policies and an unprecedented public health emergency has exerted immense pressure on all our public services. As we finally approach the end of our long trek out of the coronavirus pandemic, we must work to alleviate this pressure and invest all we can into this invaluable, if often overlooked, part of social life.”
  • GLL banishes holiday hunger – GLL. ” supporting the national Holiday Food and Fun programme this summer across London, in its Better branded centres.” … “Better branded facilities in Barnet, Bromley, Greenwich, Hillingdon and Wandsworth will also be providing a mixture of exciting physical activity sessions, interactive library-based craft and story sessions together with workshops on nutrition, to support young people to understand the importance of eating healthily.”
  • Have faith in libraries, a mark of civilisation – Sunday Times, partial paywall. “These truly civic institutions are in danger of closure. To let them fall would be to betray our children and ourselves” Kenny Farquharson. [Remarkable for Sunday Times to include pro public library piece: it normally ignores the sector – Ed.]
  • Programme Manager, Skills and Engagement – Reading Agency. Vacancy. “The Reading Agency is looking to appoint an experienced project manager to lead on the delivery of the Summer Reading Challenge and other aspects of our children and young people’s work.”
  • Struggling families will be given free book bags this summer – Open Access Government. “Reading Sparks is a joint initiative between the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and The Reading Agency. Working with 17 libraries across the UK, the free books scheme will run until 2023 and 1,000 book bags will be distributed in the coming months to families who are experiencing hardship.”

International news

  • USA – From Alone to Together Again: Using Data to Deliver Value – Public Libraries Online. “The services WL offered through 2020 are largely stand-ins for the familiar library services people want. As people’s preferred services were re-introduced, their use of the substitutes declined. We have concluded that the digital experience of the library exists in symbiosis with borrowing. “
    • Libraries Across The United States Are Ending Fines For Overdue Books – Forbes. Lists several library services going, or who have gone, fine-free, along with their reasons for doing so. This is mainly due to inequality and also people returning books anyway at similar rates if not fined. “The American Library Association passed a resolution in January 2019 stating, “The American Library Association asserts that imposition of monetary library fines creates a barrier to the provision of library and information services.”

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