One of the things I love about doing Public Libraries News is looking at what other library services are doing and wondering if it would work in my own. This week there’s a few things that I’m going to chase up when back in the office – BFI Replay, borrowing local theatre stars to do story-times and thermal cameras being the main ones. I’m not sure about the natural light lamps though or the idea of outsourcing to Capita which would then charge £8 per telephone call to a library, though.

In other news, one can’t help but notice the impending doom-laden clouds on the near horizon threatening deep budget cuts to councils next year. As if we’ve not been through enough. On the other end of the money scale, though, the week records a whole bunch of councils announcing Arts Council England funding. This is great but the fear must be that there’ll be an odd dichotomy between lovely arts events in councils announcing library closures. Although, of course, that’s assuming the Government doesn’t cut Arts Council England funding … you know, sometimes my pessimistic Welsh side really shows doesn’t it?

National news

  • About BFI Replay – BFI. “BFI Replay is a free streaming service exclusively available in UK public lending libraries. Thousands of digitised videos and television programmes from the BFI National Archive and partner UK regions and nations film archives are available to browse and enjoy, research or study – with some familiar and memorable, others rare and unseen for decades. If you are a UK lending library service and would be interested in knowing more about the service, use our enquiry form below.”
  • Bus and adult care services face cuts, English councils warn – BBC. “More than half suggested they were likely to look at reducing road maintenance, cuts to home-to-school transport, and changes to either the number or opening hours of libraries or recycling centres.”
  • Councils set to cut bus routes, libraries and streetlamps as austerity fears grow – Independent. “Only one in five county councils confident of avoiding bankruptcy next year” … ”
  • Ed Jewell elected new Libraries Connected President Elect – Libraries Connected. Chief Librarian at Jersey Public Library Service.
  • Libraries Connected celebrates after securing Arts Council England funding – Libraries Connected. £509k for two years initially. “Libraries Connected will have Investment Principle Support Organisation (IPSO) status, meaning we will support public library services to embed the Arts Council’s Investment Principles (Ambition & Quality, Dynamism, Environmental Responsibility and Inclusivity & Relevance) in their work”
  • Libraries Connected publishes new strategic plan – Libraries Connected. “a programme of collaborative research on the challenges and opportunities of the next decade” … public library service accreditation scheme, “Starting a public libraries data and evidence observatory”, “Launching an equality, diversity and inclusion learning and development programme for library services.”, “strategic advocacy programme”, “Establishing a commission on libraries and disadvantage to review the evidence on the role of public libraries in reducing social, environmental, financial and health inequalities”
  • McCulla Award – Local Studies Librarian of the Year – CILIP Local Studies Group. “The award is usually given for a recent major project, or as a lifetime award for someone near the end of their career. It comes with a prize of £250. Re-submissions from previous years are very welcome. “
  • Virtual hospital and GP appointments rolled out into libraries – STV. “Near Me rooms are now available in some GP surgeries and other locations such as libraries.””

International news

Local news by authority

Dorset – Time is running out to have your say – Dorset Council