A quiet week this week, and all the better for it, really. Whether this is because things naturally go quiet over Easter or because I was internet-free for a week while on a cruise I can’t say. Probably a mixture of the two. So, let me know if I have missed anything via emailing me (ianlibrarian@live.co.uk) or getting me via Twitter @publiclibnews. I’ve also just relaunched the Public Libraries News Facebook page to cover the stranger and more humorous stories in the sector if you’d like to give that a go. And, yes, the cruise was very good (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bruges) and no I couldn’t afford it on my salary – a very kind relative stepped in. So, thank you Aunty Hilary.

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National news

BBC Breakfast: “Actor Michael Sheen visits Port Talbot Library as part of the Warm Welcome Campaign. Warm Spaces across the UK are open this Christmas, offering warmth and community connection. Find your nearest space at www.warmwelcome.uk”

International news

USA – Californian library talks about there services: free food for children no questions asked especially in Summer, lego clubs, reading dogs, early years programme, drug alternative. Children read 5 books or 500 minutes to get free burger.

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