Fear for Cromer Library; Wigan; Senior Librarians are to blame?

249 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed

Fears for North Norfolk libraries and Sheffield are pre-emptive in nature but realistic. The campaign in Wigan gets going.  The Good Library Guide again raises controversy.

Gloucestershire – why Gloucestershire is not like Buckinghamshire – Friends of Glos Libraries
North Norfolk – fears for Cromer Library – £1m reduction – Eastern Daily Press
Sheffield – Library Workers for a Brighter Future – 30% cuts expected – Sheffield Telegraph
Wigan – don’t let us lose out library – 6 libraries to close, £1.1m cut – Wigan Today

Open Letter to Jeremy Hunt MP – JM Lockwood
Why libraries really, really matter – Philip Ardagh
Senior librarians at a national level are strongly to blame for the current state of affairs – Good Library Guide
Librarians today are nothing like in the 1970s but they’re still here, and needed – Information Today

2 libraries to close in Milton Keynes; Worries in Kirklees

249 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed

The figure has increased from 246 to 249 due to the announcement of 2 libraries in danger of closing in Milton Keynes and at least one likely to close in Kirklees.  The list has been missing Barnet from the list as its proposed “EasyCouncil” cuts were announced before this blog started – this omission has now been amended. There have been a pile of pro-library blogs coming out due to a “Campaign for the Book” campaign and all of them make heartwarming reading for librarians.  

Hampshire – mobile library service cuts/review – Portsmouth The News
Kirklees – at least 1 library under threat – Mirfield Reporter
Kirklees – 2 new mobiles on the road –  Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Milton Keynes – 2 libraries to close – Alan Gibbons
Milton Keynes – campaign already started – About My Aread
Northumberland – library review out on Monday – Morpeth Herald
Oxfordshire – library’s positive role – Oxford Times
Oxfordshire – appeal to write to Secretary of State – Friends of Old Town Library NB the same letter can be used for writing about other areas which may contravene the Act.

Why you should care about libraries – V. Kathryn Evans
Aslan waits patiently but may never be found – Joanna Canon
Libraries – old-fashioned? – Nana Kiliham
Library Emergency – the unkindest cut of all – Scribble City Central
Thoughts from a reluctant library user – Who Ate My Brain?
Libraries – nostalgia may soon be not what it used to be – An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
Why Libraries are important – Dave Cousins
Bye Bye Libraries, Bye Bye Civilization – Notes from the slushpile
Libraries – not just a place to borrow books from – A Novel Way
The names to name – fight for our libraries – Notes from the slushpile
Don’t close our libraries you bastards – Bryony Pearce

Wigan threat to close 6 libraries, Renfrewshire to downsize 2

246 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed

Number has increased due to a figure (6) being placed on the number of libraries threatened in Wigan.  Hampshire are reviewing mobile library services (on top of 58 FTE losses already announced). Renfrewshire are closing 2 libraries and moving them in to community centres – I have not included these two in the tally as technically the libraries are just moving site.

Tim Coates in the Good Library Guide appears to be forming a Libraries Alliance and also confidently states that legal action will be taken against the first authority that appears to contravene the 1964 Libraries and Museums Act.

The House of Lords discussed public libraries today with an interesting insight into how the great and the good regard the issues involved.  The public reaction to the proposed dramatic closure of 10 out of 11 libraries in the Isle of Wight appears to be growing.  Channel Four worries about Islamist hatebooks in public libraries and there is a brutal murder by crossbow in Toronto Library.

Argyll and Bute – 2 library closures the preferred option – Helensburgh Advertiser
Buckinghamshire – council appeals to the Big Society – Bucks Free Press
CILIP – election results – CILIP
Gloucestershire – consultation plans “a complete sham” – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries
Gloucestershire – ex-librarians protest at cuts – This is Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire – council appeals to the Big Society – Gazette (are Bucks and Glos talking to eachother?)
Gloucestershire – new campaign group to save libraries – Cotswold Journal
Hampshire – mobile library service review – Salisbury Journal
Hartlepool – more on the cuts already announced – Gazette Live – original news here 
Houses of Parliament – Public Libraries and Museum Act 1964 (Amendment) Bill 2010-11 – Parliament
House of Lords – discusses public libaries – Alan Gibbons
Isle of Wight – cuts may mean strike – Isle of Wight County Press
Isle of Wight – don’t let 150 years of libraries die – Isle of Wight County Press
Neath Port Talbot – library included in new Afan Lido – BBC
North Yorkshire – cost of closures will be the community – Harrogate Advertiser, via Voices for the Library
North Yorkshire – Eastfield library closure is robbing the poor – Scarborough Evening News
Oxfordshire – three letters from authors against the cuts – Alan Gibbons
Renfrewshire – 2 libraries to close and move into community centres – Evening Times
Wakefield – Dec 2009 library closure was railroaded through – Wakefield Express
Wigan – Help us save our library – Wigan Today

Library Alliance CIC to be formed – Tim Coates
Legal action to take place when libraries closed – Tim Coates
Inquiry called into “Islamist hate books” in UK libraries – Channel Four
“Who uses libraries?” poem – Keren David
Who are Voices for the Library? – CILIP
World Book Night – boosting reading at a time of library closures – Daily Telegraph
USA – Library Toddler story time is great (inc. NYPL video) – Huffington Post
USA – man killed with crossbow in Toronto library – Suite 101

Gloucestershire Media Blitz

 240 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed

Some library management posts in Rochdale have been cut but the details are unclear. It’s worth pointing out that there are a lot of library staff cuts that are simply not reported – vacancies are simply not being filled in many authorities to replace those who have left the service.

The campaign to save Gloucestershire libraries continue to impress with its almost daily media coverage (TV, Radio, Petition, MP responses) and Oxfordshire continues to generate headlines.  The SCL has produced a statement that would appear criticial to such gung-ho cutters as Oxon, Glos and Bucks.  The MLA continues its sad course towards oblivion. The LGA fails to admit the mistake of one of its staff who was quoted as saying libraries are non-statutory.

Angus – Edzell Library campaign – Alan Gibbons
CILIP – president sees the cuts as “double whammy times two” (page 1-2) – CILIP Gazette
Gloucestershire – (Conservative) Gloucester MP says protesters “miss the point entirely” – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries
Gloucestershire – radio report on library campaigners – BBC Radio Gloucestershire (1hr 51 mins)
Gloucestershire – Points West covers the cuts – BBC TV
Gloucestershire – countywide petition – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries
Hertfordshire – why must my children suffer? – Royston Weekly News
Hertforsdhire – petition to save Borehamwood – Borehamwood Times
LGA – fails to admit “non-statutory” mistake (see comments) – BookSeller
MLA – All MLA staff at risk of redundancy, grants now have to be “prudent” – BookSeller
Northumberland – consultants provide “new vision” – Journal Live
Oxfordshire – volunteer libraries “unworkable” – Oxford Mail
Oxfordshire- libraries are worth saving – Oxford Mail
Rochdale – library management posts to go – Rochdale Town Centre News
SCL – closures should be after “comprehensive public consultation” – SCL
Voices for the Library Youtube Channel
Wandsworth – don’t cut library that helped me get  my job – London Evening Standard.
USA – Connecticut Cuts – Webjunction

Libraries debated in Parliament, MLA in favour of closures

240 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed 

For the first time in a while, I can find no new cuts in library provision today.  News of note is that an MP spoke in the House of Commons about the Public Libraries and Museums Act and that the MLA has announced it welcomes significant library closures.

Wirral MP argues in Parliament  for amendment ot the Public Libraries and Museum Act – the Ayes have it – four Labour MPs (inc David Milliband) to propose Bill  – Alison McGovern MP
MLA comes out strongly in favour of closing libraries – BookSeller
Chief Exec of RSA pro giving libraries to volunteers – Walk You Home
List of predictable anti-library comments – Walk You Home
Gloucestershire – 4 Labour Councillors sign up against the cuts – Friends of Gloucestershire
Wandsworth – campaign to save York Gardens – Battersea Society
Lewisham – hundreds against the cuts – Guardian
Barnsley – storm of protest against cut at Darfield – South Yorkshire Times
Nottinghamshire – your chance to comment on the cuts – Nottinghamshire Council
Oxfordshire – library possibly run by volunteers, opposition “hopeless” – Banbury Cake
Libraries and Waterstones to work together -Bookseller
UK public libraries cost 0.084% of GDP – Use Libraries and Learn Stuff
Opponents of libraries focus too much on short-term economics – Library Workers for a Brighter Future
A great place to start your business – the library – EnterpriseQuest

Spending Cuts Gut Library Budgets in UK – Library Journal
2011 Crucial Library Trends – American Libraries
What Librarians Make – School Library Journal
Tired of books? Try model aeroplanes – Star Telegram

Large-scale closures may be illegal; Argyll announces 3

240 libraries plus 17 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed
Changes in the count today include 3 libraries and a mobile (at Argyll and Bute) and a renumbering of the North Somerset total (previously just 1) as 1 library closed and 2 libraries still seem to be endangered there.
Major news today is that large-scale closures (such as in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire) may be declared illegal.

Argyll and Bute – 3 libraries and a mobile library to close
North Somerset – Closures still on cards – Weston Mercury
Gloucestershire – Bid to have cuts declared illegal – This is Gloucestershire Ed Vaizey may intervene – Guardian. This would have a major impact on other proposed cuts if so – Glos, Bucks, Cornwall, Doncaster, Oxfordshire, Lewisham, Leeds, Isle of Wight and Birmingham are all in the same league when it comes to cuts.
Peterborough – 4 libraries to reduce in hours – Peterborough Council
Oxfordshire – Bampton not impressed by cuts – Witney Gazette.  Ditto in Wantage
Nottinghamshire – groups asked to help libraries – Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser
Birmingham – new library for urban village –  BBC
Hampshire – new improved Basingstoke Library – ahem – “Discovery Centre” – Basingstoke Gazette
MLA – I still see no Wirrals – alangibbons.net
Buckinghamshire – Little Chalfont Library is a successful volunteer library – Buckinghamshire Advertiser
Buckinghamshire – 100 join group to save Great Missenden – Bucks Free Press
Tim Coates – It’s the Overhead, Stupid – Good Library Guide.
Brent – consultation on library cuts launched – Brent Council

Favourite article of the day – Frank Skinner becomes pro-library after visit “When I criticised local libraries I didn’t know exactly what I was attacking. At the same time, Angry of Hampstead, when he’s outraged at the idea of library closures, probably doesn’t know exactly what he’s defending. This was just one library but I think it’s indicative of how libraries are evolving. I’m going to have to ditch my literary elitism and just enjoy the book-swiping” – Frankskinnerlive.com and wikiman blog

US – San Jose library website keeps it simple – Library Journal
No books in school library, lots of coffee though – Houston Press
Future of the book – American Libraries Magazine
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Libraries – Library Journal

Let CILIP know of cuts in your library service

235 libraries plus 16 mobiles currently under threat

CILIP will challenge library cuts if you let them know about them and if there are legal grounds. The list of library services below the News has been amended so that it shows cuts in terms of job cuts/bookfund/etc as well as library closures.

CILIP – let CILIP know of any cuts in your library service – and here is the form to do it – CILIP
Gloucestershire – library about to be cut gets increased funding – This is Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire – map of the proposed cuts – Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries
Oxford – 500 protest over cuts, including libraries  – BBC
Oxfordshire – protests pointless says council leader– Oxford Mail
Oxfordshire – Bookseller covers the cuts – Bookseller
Why we need professional librarians – Voices for the Library
North Yorkshire – Petition starts to save Eastfield – Scarborough Evening News
Public Libraries – back to the future? – Brave New World
LS2 Mobile – a library search app for your phone – TLC

235 libraries plus 16 mobiles currently under threat

On the (semi) positive side, the Wandsworth figure has changed – 1 library faced with closure (instead of previously reported 6), others will have reduced hours. On the debit side, Wigan announce some libraries will close, Stoke withdraw RNIB talking book service and the British Library loses 200 jobs.

British Library – 200 jobs to go – Library workers for a brighter future
Wigan – some libraries will close, not Leigh – This is Lancashire
Stoke – ends RNIB talking books service  – BBC
Oxfordshire – more on the cuts – Oxford Mail
Wakefield – more on the cuts, looking for volunteers – Hemsworth and South Emsall Express

Tim Coates wants books in libraries, CILIP thinks libraries are about Web 2.0? – Article and Comments on “The real argument about libraries” – Good Library Blog
Without Libraries, we will lose a mark of our civilization – Guardian Online. Some scarily anti-library commments, though.
Devon – free CDs, reduced charges, for carers – Mid Devon Star
Gloucestershire – Matson residents fear the closures – This is Gloucestershire
Oxfordshire – Summertown users react to cuts – BBC
Wandsworth – Battersea residents angered – This is Local London
Halton – Widnes and Runcorn to go self-service – Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News
Edinburgh – new library to be built – Edinburgh Outlook
Artist’s impression of new Canterbury Library – flickr
Torfaen – work starts on revamp of Pontypool Library – Free Press

USA – book vending machines – Stamford Advocate

Edinburgh – new library to be built – Edinburgh Outlook

31 more libraries, 9 more mobiles added to “under threat” list

240 libraries plus 16 mobiles currently under threat

New entries today are Oxfordshire (20 out of 43 libraries).  I have added two authorities where cuts were previously announced but missed from the list – Doncaster (3) – thanks to “savedoncasterlibraries” for the heads up – Bolton (up to 8) – discovered from a link found in the Doncaster article. I have amended the figure for North Yorkshire due to news article here which describes 24 library closures (already listed) plus 9 mobile libraries (not already listed). News from Bristol suggests “volunteers could be asked to run libraries”.

News from 25th and 26th Nov

Oxfordshire 20 out of 43 to close – BBC
Massive cutbacks to libraries begin – BookSeller
Sutton – Outsourcing favoured over closing – Your Local Guardian
Nottingham – 30 libraries to reduce hours – Volunteers Wanted – This is Retford
North Yorkshire – More on the closures – Malton Mercury
Bristol – Volunteers could run libraries – This is Bristol
Tony Horne column derides libraries – Newcastle Chronicle

Barking and Dagenham – In defence of Chadwell Heath – Voices for the Library
Library cuts threaten UK’s cultural heritage – Guardian
Hounslow – Rumours of Feltham Library closures rubbished – Hounslow Chronicle
Leeds – Councillors defend Rawdon Library from closure – Wharfedale Observer
Hertfordshire – Lib Dems launch campaign to defend against 30% cut in opening – sixtofix
Warrington – In defence of Grappenhall – Warrington Guardian
Are libraries out of date? – BBC
Kathy Lette defends libraries on Question Time – BBC (43:32)
Why not volunteers? – Library Workers for a Brighter Future