Promotional techniques and Marketing

Non-traditional promotional techniques (NOT UPDATED SINCE 2016)

This page is the parent of a few non-traditional activities in libraries that may promote usage.  These are:



Ideas for specific parts of the year, book types, etc:


Moving into new services in response to user demands, market research or “just what’s successful” is something librarians do a lot.  Here are some ideas:

  • Selling local authors. “. Starting with a group of about 20 authors she managed in very little time to produce 10 books. This success showed her that there is a great demand for guidance and help for local authors and by now she has a group of 220 authors, publishing books on demand or finding their way to regular publishers. Recently Karin opened up a bookstore for these works in the library and is selling quite well”.

Social media


Using video to promote your public library – New Jersey State Librarians.  Jumping on a popular bandwagon for a parody may sometimes get massive numbers of views: see this video by University of Maryland featuring the library which has had over a hundred thousand views.

Public library examples include;

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