Aberdeen to Fife

The following information has been taken from news reports, information sent by local authorities and from library users.  It is the most comprehensive list of its kind in the UK but may contain inaccuracies.  Some authorities may not be included because there has been no media reporting from their area or such reporting has been missed. The information on this page is used for the aggregate figure of libraries under threat in the UK.  I have included in bold at the start of the entry for each authority for the current year the figure (if any) that I have used for the headline number of libraries under threat. Being this figure is used in national newspapers and by politicians, it is especially important these figures are accurate so please let me know of any errors or omissions. To make the list is factual as possible, please email ianlibrarian@live.co.uk

  1. Aberdeen
    1. 2012:  1 mobile closed and  8 libraries under threat (13/9/12). Ending mobile resulted in £13k saving, consultation on closing eight libraries, £7500 expected to be saved by email/SMS communications
    2. 2011:  “Silver City Vault” for online historical photographs and records launched.
  2. Aberdeenshire
    1. 2013: Stonehaven is being refurbished (13/2/13) Stonehaven and Fraserburgh libraries refurbished (carpets, painting, seating etc) (5).
    2. 2012: Inverurie Library extended, library app for smartphonesRated “excellent” by Scottish Library and Information Council (20/5/12)
    3. 2011: New Westhill Library.
  3. Anglesey
    1. 2013: 2013/14 £70k cut (from £1m budget) inc. 1 redundancy, cuts in hours and  bookfund.  7% cut in each of the subsquent years 2014/16 )23/1/13). 60% cut in funding in libraries expected over next five years.  (12).
    2. 2012: Council rethinks cuts (previously set at 7% for each of next three years)and decides on 2% cut, with no closures (31/10/12). 7% cut in each of next three years.  Some libraries may close (26/10/12). Anglesey Libraries already lowest funded of any library service in Wales.  20% budget cut (£200,000) from £1m expected (26/10/12).  1 member of staff likely to be lost
    3. 2011: 4 libraries earmarked for closure (temporarily) saved. No further reports therefore these libraries removed from tally (July 2012).
  4. Angus
    1. 2013: £33k grant to help restore Edzell Library (3) but Edzell Library to be restored but will not be a lending library. Opening hours reduced in seven libraries in 2012 (4)..
    2. 2012: Edzell Library may be reopened with volunteers.(4/10/12). Two replacement mobile libraries costing £269k, following consultation (partnership with Police and Fire services) showing need for service (NB please note these mobiles may have replaced four libraries closed in 2010).
    3. 2011: 4 libraries closed April 2010 to be possibly replaced by a mobile. New mobile library to replace Edzell library closed in 2010 has been delayed until Jan 2012.  Arbroath Library to be transferred from Arbroath ownership to Angus ownership
    4. Groups: Angus Library Action Group (ALAG)
  5. Argyll and Bute – 3 libraries and mobile library to end.
  6. Barking and Dagenham. 2012:  By April 2014, a further five libraries (on top of three already closed by April 2013) to be run by volunteers . Only two to continue to be run by Council. Two libraries (Markyate closed Sept 2012) and Castle Gate (to be transferred to local school) to close before April 2013.  £593k cut in budget (25/10/12). Castle Green Library may also close (1/3/12). £425k cut 2012/13 followed by further £226k in 2013/14 “but no jobs will be lost”.  Thames View Library to be merged adjacent children’s centre. Mark’s Gate Library may face “re-shaping”. Staff 2007/8 65.3 2011/12 71.2 (12.7 prof, 58.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 41 (Cipfa).  2011: 1 library closed – Wantz Library closed 31/3/12.
  7. Barnet
    1. 2014:  Cuts of up to 60% being considered (unconfirmed).(9) Proposals to save £2.85m from 2015 to 2020 include closing/volunteering 7 out of 15 branches, renting out space including car park spaces, outsourcing. (10)
    2. 2013: £250k spent on self-service machines and wifi.  (21/2/13). Church End Library may move circa 2016/16 into bottom of Finchley housing development, on rental basis, with existing library building sold (3). Church End Library under threat (3).
    3. 2012: 1 library (Friern Barnet) closed, 1 library (Hampstead Garden Suburb) passed to volunteers.  Plan for new library at Artsdepot cancelled, North Finchley to be improved instead (30/10/12). Cuts to librarians confirmed at 18.5 (6 remaining).  Surviving staff lose time and a half on weekends (c. 5% pay cut). Increase in management and admin staff (24/9/12). Petition to reopen Friern BarnetVolunteer-run Hampstead Garden Suburb Community Library will open on June 28th (18/6/12). Asking for volunteers to assist library staff with storytimes, rhymetimes, IT sessions and homework clubs (12/5/12). 3 threatened (out of 16) with one new library (Artsdepot): Hampstead Garden Suburb Library to be given to community group but Friern Barnet and North Finchley libraries to close (17/2/12) (31/3/12). Artsdepot has “interim” 10,000 item library to replace North Finchley and Friern Barnet (despite concerns over Artsdepot suggesting it is not a replacement 12/4/12 I have counted it as library, for now). Staff 2007/8 157 2011/12 122.5 (48 prof, 74.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 38 2011/12 28 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011: 2 threatened (out of 16) – 1 to go due to merger of North Finchley and Friern Barnet libraries at “Artsdepot” site;  Hampstead Garden Suburb Library to close or be taken over by the Save Our Suburb Library group.  ; Bookfund up by £10k; £3m raised by selling off buildings (Finchley Hill, Church End, Child’s Hill and Grahame Park – to be moved into presumably cheaper buildings); 16FTE lost; £350k saving joint backroom services (£1.6m cut to be decided 29th Marchfinal council decison here.
  8. Barnsley
    1. 2014: Central Library to move temporarily to Wellington Street while plans are made for new town centre co-located building. (1) £100k cut: mobile library service being reviewed. (11)
    2. 2013: Monk Bretton Library announced as to close (to be replaced by mobile library stop or by room in social centre) but then decided that it will not close until replacement at Redfearns ready (4). 8 out of 17 libraries under threatDarfield, Dodworth, Grimethorpe, Monk Bretton Thurnscoe, Worsbrough and the Priory campus in Lundwood to either be taken over by non-council groups or closed.  Kendray library to close (4).
    3. 2012: 3 under threat. Wombwell Library reopens: now combined with one-stop shop and welfare rights unit.  Some upgrading inc shelving on wheels (18/7/12). 3 threatened libraries still open on last check (13.1.12). Archives and local studies will move from Central Library to the Town Hall (4/11/12).
    4. 2011: 3 under threat (confirmed) (combine 11 surviving libraries with “customer centres”)
  9. Bath and Northeast Somerset
    1. 2013: 1 mobile library (out of 2) withdrawn. (6). Radstock Library to move into a room in Radco. (8)
    2. 2012: Volunteers to help keep libraries open, notably in new Paulton Library Community Hub expected to open in Spring 2013.  Small pick-up drop-off points for books in new locations.  Review of mobile libraries (6/11/12). Mobile library service saved after public protest (16/2/12) and Consultation (13/1/12). Plan was to use money to  increase opening hours by using volunteers and extending the home library service (8/2/12).
    3. 2011: Mobile library service (at least 2 so counted as such in the headline count) may end (£180k cut).  Paulton library may be relocated (at cost of £170k).
  10. Bedford
    1. 2012: Computer access will be charged after first free half hour.
  11. Bedfordshire – 1 mobile to go£229 cost of self-service will cut £43k staff per year.  Staff cuts inc.  three front line posts and 2.75 full time equivalent posts.
  12. Bexley
    1. 2014: Citizen’s Advice Bureaux co-located in Central and Sidcup libraries (4) 4 libraries to become volunteer (Blackfen, Bostall, Northumberland Heath and Upper Belvedere), longer opening hours in other six.  (9).
    2. 2012: 1 library (Bexley Village) passed to volunteers, 2 more under threat. Bexley Village run be run by charity/volunteers from July 19th 2012 (26/6/12). A new expanded Crayford Library to be built due to housing development (17/1/12): Join London Libraries Consortium (5/10/12). Bexley and Bromley library services now merged (10/1/12): Bexley Village Library will be run by charity “Greener Bexley” from Spring, with membership charge for “extra benefits”, library will be independent of council (who will supply one secondment and bookstock), saving £40k p.a..  Cafe in library, with free wifi (but charges for using computers), extra 9 opening hours (4/1/12). Staff 2007/8 138 2011/12 89.3 (15.8 prof, 73.5 other) Volunteers 2007/8 110 2011/12 184 (Cipfa).
    3. 3 under threat (3 from a list of 5 will gothis is the five), £1m  (16%) cut. Merger of library services will include halving of staff including loss of 36 staff, including all(back-office?) professional staff. 1 mobile now ceased (Source: posting on LIS-PUB-LIBS).
  13. Birmingham
    1. 2014: £1.8m cut Erdington District: £70k cut (explore volunteers, reduce space and bookfund); Ladywood District: Springhill Library to close; Bloomsbury library closed due to theft of lead from roof may not reopen; £54k cut 2014/15 £243k cut 2015/16; Hall Green District: Hall Green District: no cuts; Perry Barr District: Handsworth and Kingstanding Libraries to have reduced hours, £35k cut to staff: Library of Birmingham/Housebound/Mobile: Trust may need to fund rest of £1.35m cut.  (1) Aston, West Heath and Wylde Green under threat of closure. (1). Possibility of libraries being taken over by a Trust to avoid some of the cuts inc. four library closures. (2) Mere Green under threat. (3). Spring Hill Library saved from closure (3). £250k funding from Wolfson Foundation to improve youth provision inv. 3D printers, iPads. (7) Tender to produce consultancy report on turning Birmingham Community Libraries into a Trust. (8) £713k shortfall in funding due to less private sponsorship than expected.  Library of Birmingham costs £10 million per year plus £12 million per year on loan repayments for building. (10)
    2. 2013: Sutton Coldfield library still closed after nearly two years (2/13) Tendering out of running of Library of Birmingham, archives, mobile library service, home library service and bookfund (4) £2.1m cut (2012/13), increased use of volunteers (4). Sutton Coldfield – improved children’s library and co-located council services – reopened May 2013 after closure for two years due to repairs. (5). 28% budget reduction resulted in 10% less opening hours, 260 FTE staff reduced to 164 FTE (staffing reduced by 37%) and 8% less visits than 2011/12 – but less unscheduled closures.  Starting at 9% more issues compared to 2011 (however, this had slipped to 13% less issues by third month of cuts and 17% less by sixth month).  2013/14 cuts already achieved meaning an “oversaving” of £638k.  £172k in income raised, more co-location and volunteers.  New computer system noted and co-operation with the Library of Birmingham. Difficulties noted in supplying casual cover to libraries, made worse by vacancies running at 8.5% of staffing.  Very low staff morale noted. (6). “One third less mobile stops (£40k cut), one-fifth less Home Library Service visits (affecting 400 people – £60k cut), £50k cut to bookfund, no exhibitions if there is a net cost (£150k cut), £1.65m cut in total. (12)
    3. 2011: 1 mobile library and School Libraries Service closed.  £2.3m cut by 2013/14 (from £8.5m 2011/12), which is a 28% cut. £545k to replace pre-fab West Heath library (9/7/12).  23 libraries (out of 39) will reduce hours to four days per week.  Shard End new library to open early 2012.  Sutton Coldfield to be reopened in May 2012. 155 staff fte will remain from 182 fte at start of 2011.  Budget measures inclde increasing income, considering volunteers, more self-service, taking £200k off £1.3m bookfund“massive” round of redundancies just finished. Fears that council will launch two-tier service, with one “hub” library in each constituency with other branches having reduced hours (or closed)Children’s mobile closed, nearly all senior and middle management made redundant, “BookStart” librarian redundant  School library closed, £200m super library being built; Birmingham Music Library loses half its staff, suspends non-telephone interlibrary requests.
    4. 2010: Hawthorne House Library closed Sep 2010: community bid to run it failed as lacked enough projected income.  Sold by Council to private bidder for £750k.
    5. Protest groups: Northenden Library Action Group, Save Burnage Library.
  14. Blackburn with Darwen
    1. 2013: £2m upgrade of Blackburn Library starts (5).
    2. 2012: 3 under threat (Roman Road, Mill Hill, Livesey): £500k to be cut from £2m budget over two years.  Opening hours cuts, fines increased (now 18p per day.  Exemptions for under 16s and over 65s ended), Blackburn Central music section cut.  Roman Road Library to be run by volunteers: if successful, Mill Hill and Livesey branches will also lose paid staff (18/3/12). All libraries still open as of check 18/1/12.  Barlow Institute has 500 books, open only on Saturdays, to replace withdrawn mobile library 6/3/12.
    3. 2011: Roman Road Library to be run by volunteers with less stock/less computers/less hours, saving £36k per year.  New Chapel Street Library and Livesey Library may be run by volunteers if pilot scheme successful £500k (25% budget cut) over three years: Blackburn Central now cut on Sunday; Darwen closed on Tuesdays; Earlier closing hours for all; newspaper and magazine cuts to be reviewed after public protests; 
  15. Blackpool. No libraries closing (previously listed as 2)Mereside Library has reduced hours, new library at Moorpark£1m investment plus £2m from Big Lottery Fund.
  16. Blaenau Gwent
    1. 2014: Libraries to move into new “Life Leisure Trust” with other council sports/leisure/cultural/heritage council services. (3).
    2. 2012: £15k cut as two mobiles to be replaced with smaller vehicles, increasing visits to homes and “community venues” (9/3/12).
    3. 2011: 2 mobile libraries under threat (but replaced so not counted on tally)2 managers lost 2011/12
  17. Bolton
    1. 2013: £4.76m budget 2012/13 cut to £3.76m 2013/14. 172k less visitors 2011/12 to 2012/13.  (12).
    2. 2012: 5 closed (Heaton, Oxford Grove, Castle Hill, Highfeild, Astley) – Central Library to be open on Sundays and Bank Holidays (15/3/12). Heaton Library closed (26/2/12).  Oxford Grove Library to close 24/2/12 and Castle Hill Library to close 2/3/12.  Replaced by small (c.800) collection of books and a self-service machine in the relevant local community centre (28.1.12) Late book fees to increase to 18p per day (was 17p), children’s book fees frozen at 2p, pensioners frozen at 6p.  DVD borrowing will be stopped (18.1.12). Highfield Library closed (13.1.12).
    3. 2011: 5 (Out of 15) to close:  Heaton, Astley Bridge, Highfield, Oxford Grove, Castle HillLibrary closures to be partially softened with several 300-title collections (97.6% less stock than in current libraries) in community centres. Heaton will remain as community/children’s centre.  The five libraries slated for closure have now been made open for groups to take over, business plans need to be with council by 5th December.  13 FTE staff to go.  Central Library hours extended, including on Sundays.Bromley Cross hours reduced to 26.5 hpw, Blackrod to 24.5.  13 out of 100 FTE staff to go. £400,000 cut.  Consultation until September 16th.
    4. Campaign group: Save Bolton Libraries
  18. Bournemouth
    1. 2013: £1.7m cut by 2020 inc. higher charges/fees/sales, less bookfund, less staff, possible co-locations (3)
    2. 2012:  QR codes in libraries after Arts Council grant. Kier sells PFI stake in Bournemouth Library for £5.4m (based on average return from council of 7% per year).
  19. Bracknell Forest – 2013: £50k refit for Binfield Library. 2012: £500k refurbishment of Bracknell Library from September, with cafe and laptop area (29/8/12).
  20. Bradford
    1. 2014: Petition against library cuts (1) 3 mobile libraries under threat. (2). Mobile libraries to end on 31st March.  Housebound delivery service to be reduced. (3).
    2. 2013: Central Library confirmed as unfit for usage due to asbestos: £1m new City Library due to old library having asbestos.  Money to be raised by saving on rents/maintenance (5). Silsden Library reopens in town hall with 2,000 books and self-service (soon to include after hours) replacing Wesley Place Library sold by council to pay for town hall refurbishment. (11) New City Library (Central Library) opens (60k books, 40 computers, wifi). (12)
    3. 2012: Central Library closed Jan-March 2013 for £900k repair work (24/9/12).  Silsden Library may move into Silsden Town Hall, with the sale of the library building paying for improvements to it (26/7/12). Central Library restricted to ground and first floors: £1 million needed to make building safe, a further £4.5m needed to fully complete maintenance work (17/6/12). Central Library is open only on lower floors whilst options to either re-furbish or re-locate are being investigated. Decision due March/April. No cuts to library budgets for financial year 2012/13 (Source: Bradford Libraries email 19/3/12) although originally proposals were made to reduce library opening hours and cut the book fund by £350,000 (source: 20/2/12). School Library Service may close in August (19/3/12).
    4. 5 withdrawn from council control (4 to volunteers, 1 closed)  (Confirmed 5 to close – £70k “saving”). £490k cut, £245k being via voluntary redundancies; £50k via one floor of Bradford Central Library closing).  Addingham Library volunteer-run since 31/10/11.  Denholme and Wrose volunteer-run from Novermber 2011. Wilsden Library volunteer run from 20/3/12. Heaton Library replaced by Mobile Library service. Burley in Wharfedale Library may be co-located with the Co-op. as part of re-development of the site.
  21. Brent
    1. 2014: Visits up 8.4% on 2012/13, loans up 3.5%.  (4) 42% increase in visits, 7.4% increase in loans. (9).
    2. 2013: £816k cut from libraries budget due to closure of six libraries. Overall, 1% increase in usage, 1.2% decrease in visits (figures supplied by Cllr Powney, lead for libraries). Usage figures for the remaining open libraries (4). Honesty collections of library books to be left in cafes, shops and pubs (5).
    3. 2012: Six libraries closedWillesden Green Library will be redeveloped into a joint library/cultural centre (18/1/12) with the front of Willesden Green Library demolished (13.1.12) and the rest of the land sold off to developers to pay for the work.. Save Cricklewood Library petition. Staff 2007/8 133 2011/12 68 (20 professional, 48 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 10 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011: Council has spent £154k on legal costs trying to close libraries.  Cost of redundancy of sacked staff was £258k. 6 out of 12 confirmed as closing82% of consultation responders said council plans to close 6 of 12 were not reasonable; £1m cut in budgettalking to private company LSSIlegal challenge; Central Library will move to new Civic Centre building in 2013; the 6 libraries not being closed will be open seven days, with longer hours during exam periods, more ebooks and more audio. 
    5. 2010: Harlesden Library refurbished (£2.5m).
    6. Campaign groups – Save Our Six Libraries (Umbrella Group), Friends of Cricklewood Library,  Save Kensal Rise LibrarySave Friern Barnet Library,  Friends of Barham Library.
  22. Bridgend
    1. 2012: Move of Bridgend Library to Recreation Centre (£4.2m “upgrade”) with access problems, consultation from July 2012. 3 threatened libraries (see below) still open as of 15/1/12 therefore removed from danger on tally.  Town’s library may move to bigger building.
    2. 2011: 3 libraries threatened (BlengarwNantymoelCaerau). Service may not be able to reach Welsh Assembly library standard.  Opening hour cuts at most branches.
  23. Brighton and Hove
    1. 2014: Woodingdean Library opens in new co-located building with community/medical centre (old library closed). (6). New library (co-location with academy) opened at Mile Oak. (8)
    2. 2013: Mobile library closed (£84k p.a. cut) used by 800 people.  1500 petition disregarded. Plan to save mobile lost when no volunteers came forward.  To be replaced by £37k “books on wheels” home delivery service. Woodingdean Library to close, with new building merging library, community centre and medical centre. £500k on library (£1.6m overall) (3).
    3. 2012: 1 mobile library may end in 2013 after review (23/9/12) possibly to be replaces by home delivery service (one officer and volunteers): £49k p.a. cut (15/9/12). 15/1/12) Wifi to be installed at Jubilee Library17 job losses (but new library equal access officer and income generation officer),  cuts to opening hours at Hangleton and Portslade libraries. (10/2/12).To remove RNIB talking books representing cut of £22k (2/2/12).  Community groups asked to take over running of mobile library to save it from closure (13/1/12) £440k cut to libraries budget, no building will close. (9th January 2012) New Woodingdean Library  planned. However, £150k cut 2012 budget includes mobile library to be closed.
    4. 2011: Refreshments and spaces with toys to be introduced in all libraries, free wifi at Jubilee Library.
  24. Bristol
    1. 2014: Up to 26 full time equivalent job losses expected (1). Building of new Bishopston Library delayed due to concerns over quality of  building work (3). £1.1 million cut before April 2015, some libraries may close. (10)
    2. 2013: New library Junction 3 opened, £3m inc. computer suite and learning centreFree School may take over bottom levels of Central Library (6). Confirmed that two storeys of Central Library will be rented out to Cathedral Primary School for £60k per year. (12).
    3. 2012: Mobile Library closedMobile library will close in April (30/1/12). Five libraries (Robinson House, Fishponds, Knowle, Filwood and Bedminster) to be merged with council information points.  Self-service installed. New Bishopston Library will be built on site of old Baths due to deal with developers (26/8/12).
    4. 2011: 1 Mobile library could be withdrawn.  Public consultation. £200k cut from staffing, self-service to be installed  “alternative provision” explored. £90k cut off bookfund of £700k.
  25. Bromley
    1. 2014: Mobile library service (1 of 1) to be closed from September. (8). New Penge Library opened, replacing two older libraries in Penge and Anerley. (10)
    2. 2013: 2m visits 2011/2 up 3% on year before (18/1/13).
    3. 2012:  See also Bexley.  Join London Libraries Consortium (5/10/12), Burnt Ash and Southborough still open and now appear to be removed from threat therefore none counted under tally (29/8/12). 10/1/12: Services now merged with Bexley, with the loss of 35 posts. Staff 2007/8 171.8 2011/12 117.3 (15.4 prof, 101.9 other) Volunteers 2007/8 58 2011/12 167 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011:  Burnt Ash Library and Southborough Library under threat.  Charging for second hour plus on internet. St Pauls Cray and Mottingham libraries may be cut from 43 hours per week to 14, while Chislehurst and West Wickham may go from 44 hours to 20Suggested merger of two councils’ library services may save Bromley £880k – £340k from staff losses, £90k from merging Penge and Anerley libraries. 8 (out of 15) may close; KAB talking books cut; Withdrawing from RNIB scheme, replacing with Calibre service. Large scale reductions in opening hoursCouncil has £33m cash reservessome branches will move to being run by “trustees” and volunteers. 
    5. Campaign group:  Bromley Cuts Concern
  26. Buckinghamshire
    1. 2014: £1m cut since 2009/10: Further £595k cut expected by 2018 inc. Self-service , organisational change and additional volunteering  £450,000 cut; volunteers £65k: increased income £40k; bookstock efficiencies £30k, Home Library cuts £10k. Bourne End, Burnham, Castlefield and Micklefield to be run by volunteers by end of 2014. (4).
    2. 2013: Aylesbury Library may move possibility questioned (4).
    3. 2012: 8 under threat of closure (Castlefield, Farnham Common, Haddenham, Wendover, Winslow, Micklefield, Bourne End) with 9 transferred to volunteers (Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Flackwell Heath, Iver Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon, Stokenchurch, Wing, Chalfont St Peter) Wendover now volunteer-run (5/12/12). Wing now volunteer-run (10/11/12). Great Missenden, Stokenchurch and Iver Heath to be run by volunteers  (17/9/12).  Chalfont St Peters (volunteer-run) extends hours by 3 hours per week (5/9/12). Gerrards Cross to be volunteer run by 1st September (6/8/12). Great Missenden Library to be colocated with post office/cafe/florist and 2 paid members of staff (still counted as under threat in tally due to low level of staffing and great reduction in floorspace). (14/5/12). Flackwell Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon and Wing libraries to be volunteer run (30/1/12). Chalfont St Peter became volunteer on 2nd January.  Ebooks launched.
    4. 2011: £700k cut: 16 out of 23 under threat of closure if volunteers do not run them; Castlefield, Chalfont St Peter, Farnham Common, Flackwell Heath, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Haddenham, Iver Heath, Ivinghoe, Long Crendon, Stokenchurch, Wendover, Wing, Winslow. 60 part-time jobs at risk, compulsory redundances “a very last resort”.  Council presentation for consultation November 2010.  3 under threat in 2012 – Micklefield and Bourne End which are to be “reviewed” when £1.5m lottery money runs out in April 2012 and also BurnhamIvinghoe Library to be renamed Beacon Villages Community Library and to be run by volunteers (paid manager to be retained) from the Friends of Ivinghoe Library Little Chalfont (volunteer-run) library increases hours from 25 to 29.
  27. Bury. 2013L £570k cut: Unsworth to close with stock moved into moved to Sunny Bank Community Centre:  Radcliffe to close and be moved into relocated to Radcliffe Civic Suite:  Prestwich to be “remodelled to provide an open-plan facility in a smaller area, making space available for learning disability day services” and Whitefield libraries will “will also be used by adult care and the existing sensory impairment unit will be moved to a different part of the building reduced staffing” £3.46m budget 2009/10 down to £3.125m 2011/12 back up to £3.32m 2013/14. 53k less visitors since 2011/12 (12). 2012: Phase Two: Further £500k cut will involve closure/relocation of several branch libraries (4/12/12). Phase One: £240k cut, 9.2 FTE jobs under threat mainly at Central (25/11/12), 2011: 1 under threat but no sign since so assumed saved (1 other reduced hours) £540k cut plus £60k school libraries cut.  Some libraries may close.  (libraries may be transferred to trust/private company/charity) (housebound service closed).
  28. Caerphilly
    1. 2014: Caerphilly Town Library opens, £5.2m investment includes customer service centre and museum (1). Caerphilly has police service desk.  All libraries renovated over last ten years. Abercarn has volunteer-run community café and is part of social housing project. “Newbridge Library closed in May 2013 and moved to the Memo, it has increased its visitors from 17, 144 in 2012/13 to 33,546 in 2013/14. The number of visitors to the libraries in Caerphilly on average have increased from 2012-13 to 2013-14 including for Abercarn Library from 18,297 to 20,701 and Machen Library from 19,077 to 19, 575.” (8). Opening hours may be cut. (10)
    2. 2012:  1 closed (Aberbargoed) Aberbargoed Library confirmed as closing (19/1/12). New (replacement) library for Caerphilly, to be merged with customer service centre (1/12/12), 10/1/12: New library opened at £2.25m at former Palace Cinema (Risca), £215k spent on upgrading Blackwood Library, new Abercarn Library soon to replace demolished one, Newbridge Memo(rial hall) will have a library inside.
    3. 2011 (“rationalised”). School Library Service closed, mobile library closedAberbargoed library may close, transferred to new library in Bargoed. School Library Service closed, mobile library closed (email 17/2/12).
  29. Calderdale
    1. 2012: 1 Mobile Library closed. Mobile library service to end and branch opening hours will be cut from 1st April (26/3/12), Halifax Central – Existing library to be bulldozed for new town centre development.  £10m replacement library to be built by Piece Hall by end of 2015, with some controversy.  New, replacement. (3/11/12). Cut in opening hours at Rastrick Library reduced. (17/2/12) Consultation on moving Halifax Library delayed at least until June(28/1/12) Reservations stopped for any books not currently owned by the council. (15/1/12) Bailiff Bridge Library will be moved into community centre c.Jan 2013.  (10/1/12) £150k cut to opening hours in branches (at Brighouse, Elland, Hebden Bridge, King Cross, Sowerby Bridge, Todmorden, Skircoat, Shelf, Rastrick, Northowram, Mixenden, Hipperholme and Beechwood Road) to be cut from 45 to 37 hours per week.  £300k to be spenton computer management systems. (7/1/12) 1 mobile to end.
    2. 2011: £550k cut. Halifax Central Library to be sold off to developers with new replacement library to be sited by Piece Hall after public consultationCharges introduced for computer use after first hour, cut previously reported as £350k cut inc.12 jobs, £200k cut in stock.
    3. Campaign group: Friends of Todmorden Library.  Don’t Bulldoze Our Library (Halifax Central Library).
  30. Cambridgeshire
    1. 2014: New Sawston Library announced to replace burnt down old one (£1.25m replacement).  New East Barnwell Library (£1.8m) to replace existing building.  Both will be co-locations with community rooms and other council services.   (2). Consultation on library usage, preparatory to reduction to library services budget.(8) £1.6m cut over three years “by reducing the cost of larger libraries” (10)
    2. 2013: Opening hours and staff numbers cut.  Storytimes under threat (8/1/13). Reductions in usage, Central Library £819k budget 2010/11 reduced to £759k 2012/13.  Wifi to be installed in all libraries. 20 % overall cut in budget since 2010, from £3.4 million to £2.7 million. (31/1/13). £376k cut over two years, “small number of library closures” possible.  Library service wins award for work with volunteers. (11).
    3. 2012: 13 under threat ( Smallest libraries to be reduced to one paid member of staff, with the rest being volunteers/self-service.  I have included these as still at threat for the time being, although I am aware that this is a grey area (29/2/12)). 2009/10, when 102,146 items were purchased, but the following year just 60,868 were bought, and this slumped in 2011/12 to 48,057 (20/9/12). 67 hours per week taken off library opening times (1/3/12): Arbury Court Library will lose 5.5 hours per week, Cambridge Central will lose 6 hours, Great Shelford 12.  Full list of opening hour cuts here. Staffing increased at larger libraries to replace “reserve” system of having staff throughout county on call (9/3/12).
    4. 2011: Libraries may close with services transferred into post offices or other units such as those owned by private companies.  Vending machines for library books.  Backroom services to be shared with other counties.  £2-3m cut hoped for from current £6m budget over five years13 smaller libraries to be run by volunteers “directed” by a central librarian at a cost of £20,000 each to local community.48% cut over 5 years inc.  29 out of 45 managers to lose jobs.  (closures down from previously reported 19) (mobile services already “slashed”) (£1.1m cut) (school library service closed) 7% cut in opening hours on average throughout county.  Consultation ended 18th June 2011. Ramsey Library opens, in new building at Great Whyte.
    5. Campaign group: Friends of Arbury LibraryFriends of Comberton Area Libraries
  31. Camden
    1. 2014: Considering merging library services with Islington (5)
    2. 2013; Regent’s Park Library to close on 30th March (2/2/13). 25% cut in library budget of £8m. (6).
    3. 2012: 1 library (Highgate) and 1 mobile under threat, 3 libraries (Keats, Belsize, Chalk Farm) passed to volunteersLibrary Network to include Friends groups for each branch (1/7/12). Keats Community Library (volunteer run) opened 17/4/12. The Winchester Project will take over Belsize. Chalk Farm Library were looking for sufficient funding (1/2/12) but were approved by council (16/2/12) and the library was handed over to volunteers (25/4/12). Situation with Highgate Library and mobile unclear – checking with council (1/2/12). Most libraries will have one hour less opening per week, although Queen’s Crescent Library will close more.  (22/3/12). Staff 2007/8 135 2011/12 144.9 (16 prof, 128.9 other)
      Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 12 (Cipfa).
    4. 2011: 12/12/11 Council funding will be (first year) £192k given to groups taking over 3 libraries plus £150k for legal/financial advice for volunteers. Highgate Library also under threat.  Mobile Library to close, Regents Park Library may close.  10% opening hours cut for all, bookfund cut, 35 jobs lost; may share some services with Islington: £2 million cut.  King’s Cross may be rebuilt in new Town hall complex, Crowndale Centre library may move to new Camden High Street site, Regent’s Park may become study centre with new library built insteadSt Pancras and Camden Town libraries subject to possible property sale. (£1.6million cutLocal Studies and Archives to be cut, shared with Islington, and users encouraged to use private researcher (at £26 per hour).
    5. Groups: Camden Public Library User Group (C-Plug), Friends of Chalk Farm Library (Facebook). 4 branches and 1 mobile under threat. Primrose Hill Community Library.
  32. Cardiff
    1. 2014: Ely Library may be demolished and library services be co-located into “The Hub” (5).
    2. 2013: £120k cut per year with 12 libraries (Canton, Cathays, Ely, Fairwater, Grangetown, Llandaff North, Llanedeyrn, Rhiwbina, Rhydypennau, Roath, Rumney and Whitchurch) having hours cut from six days per week to five.  More cuts not ruled out. Canton Library is to undergo a £829,000 refurbishment in the next financial year. (22/2/13).
    3. 2012: (no closures, cuts to be considerd on 4/3/12)
    4. 2011: One member of staff lost
  33. Carmarthenshire
    1. 2014: Carmarthen Library converted to self-service (£55k refurbishment), e-zines introduced. (2). Considering moving leisure/libraries into separate Trust. (10)
    2. 2013: 16.6% cut (3).
    3. 2012: 2 closed and 1 transferred to volunteers – Trimsaran and Tumble libraries closed, Pontyates run by volunteers4 counted as under threat (Pontyates, Tumble, Dafen and Kidwelly)Pontyberem hours slightly increased after rise in use. (23/9/12).  Pontyates Libary needs volunteers or it will close.  Tumble Library now run by volunteers.  Dafen Library run by volunteers with town council support.  Llanelli Library and five others refurbished (14/5/12). Kidwelly Library under threat. Assumed that 22 other libraries mentioned as under threat in 2011 article are no longer under threat are safe for now, therefore taken off tally (28/3/12). “Council had met 10 of 14 standards required by the Welsh Government. Other councils achieved between six and 14 standards, with the average being nine.” (2/2/12). Llanelli Library to reopen soon after £3.8m upgrade (3/2/12).
    4. 2011: 5 in 2011, 18 in 2012 therefore 23. (improvements in Llanelli and Carmarthen)
  34. Central Bedfordshire
    1. 2012: £2.84m net budget 2012/13. £550k cuts by 2014 via technology and reduced “back room costs”,  £850k investment in self-service/onlinefull details of plan. (28/3/12). Consultation has ended with 2,200 replies.  Council has guaranteed that no library buildings will close (1/2/12). Houghton Regis upgraded with self-service, drinks machine and reading area (26/8/12).
    2. 2011: Mobile library stopped. £435k cut over next two years (29.12.11) : consultation until 18.1.12 includes suggestions include management posts lost, homework clubs ended, mobile library close.  
  35. Ceredigion.
          1. 2014: Tregaron Library to reduce from 15.5 hours open per week to 7.5 hours (was under threat of closure): volunteers to be invited. One mobile (out of five) to be withdrawn. Two jobs lost. £146k cut. New Quay Library to be taken over by volunteers (25 volunteers) for minimum of one year. (4) £90k grant given by Welsh Government for new mobile library (4)  New Quay Library to be run by volunteers, with town council support (£2500 p.a.), Tregaron to be funded by council at reduced level (5).
          2. 2013: Carers can apply online for home delivery service. (6). Two libraries under threat (New Quay and Tregaron) (11).
          3. 2011: £1m “relocation” of Aberystwyth, £100k to be spent on Cardigan.
  36. Cheshire East
    1. 2014:  £700k cut has taken place (“restructuring”).  Further £300k cut through “reorganisation of contracts and central supply services (4).
    2. 2013: Hurdsfield to be volunteer-staffed in 2014 and given to Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Weston Library to be closed(5). Council bans payday loan sites from all its premises, inc libraries (3rd in UK, 1st in England to do so) (6).
    3. 2012: 2 mobiles to be closed in 2012Budget cut from £3.8m 2009 to £3.5m 2012, five posts lost.  £240k saved to Council by moving council customer service points into libraries (14/8/12):  Council has highest borrowing figures in England.  2 (out of 3) mobiles to be closed (£95k p.a.), 50 stops “scrapped”, no stops within two miles of a library. (3/5/12).
    4. 2011: One stop shops being moved into libraries, with library staff being trained up to answer council enquiries.
  37. Cheshire West and Chester
    1. 2014: £500k cut by 2015/16 to include co-location and volunteers.  £50k cut in bookfund 2014./15. (1) £500k cut (2016-17) to be met by “alternative service provision”, (£280k cut) 2014/15. (3)  Elton and Willaston Libraries to close, Bishop’s High Library to become a school library only. One mobile to close. A net 16.43 FTE to be lost. (3).
    2. 2013: Hoole Library run on honesty basis, with aim being it will be volunteer run (18/1/13). One stop shop council services moving into Neston Library, increased opening hours (3) Saughall Library closed (4) Delivery vans between libraries reduced by one (5). Frodsham Library moves into co-location with Leisure Centre and partners with Work Club and One Stop Shop. (12).
    3. 2012: 1 library to move to being volunteer-run –  1 (Hoole) may move to volunteer-run (14/9/12).  Library staff have c.5% cut in pay on top of 3 year’s pay freeze.
  38. City of London
    1. 2013: Artizan Street Library officially opens (24/1/13).
    2. 2012: Artizan Street Library & Community Centre to be opened 10th December, replacing the demolished Camomile Street Library (4/12/12). Camomile Street Library to reopen in Autumn 2012 as combination library/community centre (26/1/12).
    3. 2011: 15.9% cut to Libraries/Archives/Art Dept budget, cuts to London Metropolitan Archives opening hours.  Source = LAGAG update email).  Guildhall Library will remain open on Saturdays, City Business Library will close on Saturdays. London Metropolitan Archives to open four days per week but will open until 7.30 Tuesday to Thursday to compensate (open one Saturday per month). Guildhall Library Bookshop closed due to declining sales. Camomile Street Library closed – to be replaced by new library in White Kennet Street late Summer 2012.  Mobile library replaces branch in meantime.
  39. Conwy
    1. 2014: Conwy Library may move, along with Deganwy and Llandudno Junction, into joint library (counted as two libraries under threat). (3).
    2. 2012: Seven libraries under threat (Penrhyn Bay, Cerrigydrudion, Deganwy, Kinmel Bay, Llandudno Junction, Llanfairfechan and Penmaenmawr): Penrhyn Bay may be run by volunteers; Cerrigydrudion and Penmaenmawr may be saved.  July 2012 deadline for decision on closures.
    3. 2011: Mobile routes extended.  Abergele, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Llanrwst, and a new or refurbished library which would serve the communities of Llandudno Junction, Deganwy and Conwy. Increased opening hours at these branches.  Volunteers are hoped for to take over at Kinmel Bay, Cerrigydrudion, Penmaenmawr, Llanfaifechan and Penrhyn Bay for 15 hours per week opening.
    4. Group: Penrhyn Bay Library Users Group (PLUG).
  40. Cornwall
    1. 2014:  All mobile libraries (six) to be withdrawn – 12 week consultation. £300k cut but £150k of that to be spent on “alternative ways of delivering services to those communities affected” (1). Libraries opening hours will be reduced by around one day per week per branch. (1) Camborne library building may be sold, with new library being further away from town centre (5) £400k cut now in effect inc.opening hours cuts (normally one day per week lost) (5). 5 out of 6 mobile libraries to close (previously was all). (8) £1.8 million cut proposed over 2 years 2015/17. (9) This represents a 44% cut (10)
    2. 2012: Libraries not to be outsourced (12/12/12), Outsourcing of library services is being considered (15/7/12). New (not replacing existing library) volunteer-run library in cafe in Roche (3/5/12) Several branches combining with One Stop Shops (14/3/12).  Performing Arts Library fate to be decided  (8.2.12).
    3. 2011: 1 library closed (Performing Arts). Performing Arts Library at St Austell may be closedUp to 30 managers (apparently all) to go.  Staffing reduced to, in some cases, one paid member of library staff per library. Non-library staff from other “face to face” services to be used instead.  2011 cuts confirmed (90 hours lost, merge with Registrars/One Stop Shops). 19 library managers may be lost.  £1 million cut.
  41. Coventry. 2014: Cuts to library budget being considered.  (9). 2013: £130k refurbishment for Central Library inc. library shop, wifi and extended Health and Wellbeing Zone (1/2/13), Free internet access increased to two hours due to welfare changes (4) 2011:“Many” library buildings could close and transfer into “schools, shops, or doctor’s surgeries.”. Canley, Stoke, Radford, Earlsdon and Hillfields mentioned [not counted as “under threat” as yet until more information is received – Ed.] (opening hours cut, more fees).  New library opened at Allesley Park.
  42. Croydon
    1. 2014: Up to eight posts to be lost (4 in Central Library) (1) 11 library staff (7.42 full time equivalent) cut, including some compulsorily redundant. (3).
    2. 2013: £105k cut to local studies and archives under consultation (10/1/13) but saved from closure (14/2/13). Upper Norwood Joint Library transferred to Lambeth in its entirety.  Move towards library being run by a trust with funding from Lambeth (£170k p.a.) and Croydon (£75k p.a. for at least next two years.  Upper Norwood no longer counted as under threat. Upper Norwood reduces opening hours (4). New Addington Library opens (inc. doubled in size children’s library) (5)
    3. 2012: 2 libraries under threat (Upper Norwood and New Addington): Contract for running Croydon Libraries appears to have been given to John Laing IS (15/11/12). Upper Norwood Joint Library offered greatly reduced funding by Croydon if willing to become volunteer-run, no funding if not willing.  Funding from Lambeth also reduced (9/9/12).  Upper Norwood Joint Library under threat and 16/1/12: New Addington Library appears to be closing, with the books from the old branch being transferred to the “foyer” of CALAT building.Bookfund down to £250k p.a. (was £1m at one time). £250k setside for privatisation costs. Consultation on future of Upper Norwood Joint Library until April 29th (19/3/12). Bookfund down to £250k p.a. (was £1m at one time). £250k set aside for privatisation costs. Staff 2007/8 134.5 2011/12 100.4 (22 prof, 78.4 other) Volunteers 2007/8 25 2011/12 245 (Cipfa).
    4. Tendering process for privatization (joint process with Wandsworth): Opposition party Labour threaten to refuse to work with any company running its outsourced library service (9/8/12)  GLL, Laing and Wandsworth Libraries Management survive until the next round of the tending process (6/712); GLL, Laing and Wandsworth Libraries Management survive until the next round of the tending process LSSI (20/6/12)Civica has withdrawn from privatization tender, allowing in-house bid from Wandsworth Council to be reconsidered (21/5/12). Will be privatised in joint tendering process with Wandsworth,(Full paper to Council on decision to invite private tender for library services – Privatising/outsourcing service with initial tendering in collaboration with Wandsworth.  Interested parties (Sep 2011) are (a) Civica (b) LSSI (c) JLIS (John Laing) (d) GLL (e) Vision Redbridge (f) Essex County Council (g) Merton Council (h) Bexley and Bromley Council Consortium (i) Croydon Libraries Strategic Management Team (j) Wandsworth “in-house”.).
    5. 2011:  Decision to close six libraries postponed until 201223 library jobs lost April 2011. Another 26 likely to go in order to make £700k saving., (£690k saving) (doubts over consultation process).    Qualified librarians removed at Sanderstead Library. 
    6. Campaign group: Sanderstead Library Campaign GroupUpper Norwood Library Campaign:  Save Croydon Libraries Campaign.  Campaign group: Croydonlibraries.org
  43. Cumbria
    1. 2013: Morton Library to close, “Library Link” to open in community centre in smaller space but with five times more opening hours, better location and accessibility at £10k cost (5). Refurbishment of Barrow Central. (10)
    2. 2012: 1 library closed (Harraby)Ulverston, Grange and Kendal libraries to have hours cut previously restored due to flexible staff working and self-service machines (25/11/12). No mention of the other 19 libraries being transferred to volunteers so no longer counted on list as under threat. £10m budget.  Considering range of new technology inc. mobile apps (8/10/12). Cockermouth Library may move to (larger but less accessible) unused Fire Station building (26/8/12). Harraby Library closed: stock moved to community centre and unstaffed, Penrith Library converting to self-service (22/3/12).
    3. 2011: 20 branches under threat of being turned to volunteer run. (30 libraries to remain staffed, all others to be volunteer-run with visiting library staff) – Denton Holme, Harraby and Morton in Carlisle, Moorclose in Workington, Hensingham, Kells Mirehouse in Whitehaven, Shap, Distington, Frizington, Gosforth, Seascale, Seaton, St Bees and Thornhill. Seaton and Moorclose libraries to be partially funded/run by friends groupsAll three surviving mobiles to close£6m budget “to be maintained”; “the plan would be for” rural libraries to be volunteer-run;  £80k (sic) cut from £6m budget; consultation from April 6 to June (3 of previous 6 mobile libraries closed in 2010). Music CDs now free for visually impairedDVD provision restored to smallest branchesFree audio-book download service. 11.12.11 Fox and Hounds Pub (Ennerdale) will have 100 council-supplied books, hoping others will be donated.
  44. Darlington
    1. 2012: 1 (Cockerton) under threat – Cockerton Library (previously under imminent threat of closure) likely to remain open for a year with reduced hours while Friends group co-operates in finding ways to fund continued opening – still counted as under threat by PLN (10/2/12).
    2. 2011: at least 1 (Cockerton Library) under threat. £250k from budget of £1m off budget. Consultation may take one yearCrown Street Library may move into town hall or Dolphin Centre sports complex
    3. Group: Friends of Cockerton Library.
  45. Denbighshire
    1. 2014: School library service to end (£78k cut), council exhibitions in libraries to end (£302k cut) (10)
    2. 2013: No proposals to cut hours, staff or books. (21/1/13) New Prestatyn Library to open in September (£550k from council, £300k from Cymal) in partnership “health and social care services, that will be able to use the counselling rooms, computer terminals and help desks” (3). New Library Plus in Prestatyn: co-location with health/social care/college/schools. £1m council funding inc. £300k from Welsh Government. (11).
    3. 2012: Prestatyn Library closed since Nov 2011 for “essential maintenance” but apparently reopened as of September 2012, £300k grant from Welsh Government to improve it (28/3/12).
    4. 2011: Rhyl has reopened after £300,000 refurbishment; no closure or merger plans, although ‘this may be reviewed”.
  46. Derby
    1. 2014: Consultants called in to suggest changes to library service. (8)
    2. 2013: New Chaddesden Library (£1.2m) opens Tuesday 12th March (3).
    3. 2012: £12k cut to newspapers budget (6/5/12). Local Studies Library – to be relocated from its current premises to part of the newly refurbished Old Magistrates Court building – May 2014 (source; email from council 6/2/13).
    4. 2011: Libraries may become part of a Trust linked with museums.  £1.28m library in Chaddesdem building work to start June 2012.
  47. Derbyshire
    1. 2014: Staffing and opening hours may be cut.  £250k cut 2015/16. £400k cut 2017/18 in addition to a £362k stock budget cut. (7)8 out of 10 mobiles to close (£530k cut) from January.(9).
    2. 2013: Two new replacement mobile libraries introduced (4) Most libraries open from 30 minutes to 4 hours less per week since 2011, 25% cut in bookfund 2013/14 (from £1.7m to £1.25m) (4) New £2.4m Ashbourne library: co-located with day centre, exhibition space, a registrar’s office and ceremony room and office facilities for council officials (5). Up to ten mobile libraries under threat (the whole fleet) in proposed cuts.  Consultation.  (11)
    3. 2012: Glossop Library may move to new building.  Campaign group: Glossop Save Our Unique Library (5/8/12). Funding for new £2.4 million pound library in Ashbourne approved, library due to open March 2013 (source: email received from council 1/5/12). £975k cut inc. £455k cut to stock, South Normanton Library to have hours increased. (30/1/12). Libraries will be part of cuts this year (20/1/12) 15 branches now have self-service.  Duffield and Whaley Bridge are having “major refurbishments” (25/3/12).
    4. 2011: 1 mobile library closed.   1 mobile library to close meaning longer wait between visits, £1.76m cut, 30 out of 45 libraries will see cuts of between one and five hours, 11 will not change, 4 will increase opening hoursSome staff cuts.  Hours reductions are mainly two hours per library on one day.
  48. Devon
    1. 2014: £125k cut: Around four mobiles to be cut: Mobile library service to be cut by 65 stops and to change from fortnightly to monthly (1) £4.2m refurbishment of Exeter Library includes fab lab.  (1) £3 million cut over last five years.  Further £1.5m cut over next three years from surviving budget of £7.2 million. 3 month consultation. Ideas include colocations, volunteers.  28 out of 50 but may not close without such support: Appledore, Ashburton, Axminster. Bampton, Bovey Tracey, Braunton, Buckfastleigh, Budleigh Salterton, Chagford, Chudleigh, Chumleigh, Clyst Vale, Colyton,, Combe Martin, Dartmouth, Kingskerswell, Kingsteignton, Lynton, Moretonhampstead, Northam, Ottery St Mary, Pinhoe, Princetown, Salcombe, St Thomas, Stoke Fleming, Topsham, Uffculme. (Sources: BBC, Devon County Council, SCL).(4). 10 libraries to become volunteer-assisted (not volunteer-run: appears to be for fund-raising, extra services, etc). Seriously considering a movement towards Trust or Suffolk model to raise income/reduce costs. (0_
    2. 2013: Sidmouth consultation on major refurbishment (18/2/13).
    3. 2012: None currently under threatAppledore Library reopens after £50k refurbishment funded partially by Friends group (15/8/12). Newton Abbot (Passmore Edwards) Library reopens 25th June in new co-usebuilding  inc. wifi/adult learning/cafe/meeting rooms (9/3/12). Colyton Library renovated with self-service installation (24/2/12) and volunteers increasing opening hours there every Tuesday morning. Sidmouth Library to go self-service at cost of £80k (30/1/12)
    4. 2011: £860k cut. Opening hours to be cut esp. Combe Martin, Moretonhampstead, Chulmleigh, Lynton and Salcombe – see here for complete list.  Opening of replacement St Thomas Library (Exeter) delayed until at least Feb 2012 as original building to be used as shopsTotnes Library to be relocated to larger building. Job losses. Consultation ended May 7th – (may have reduced opening hours, less mobile stops, no new Exeter Library – suggests mobile library service has improved).  BBC article confirms no closures. (“brutal” cuts to Exeter Record Office). Extension for Newton Abbot Library.    At least some branch managers forced to reapply for their posts on a lower grade.   Volunteers may be used in 2012.
    5. Campaign group: Friends of Colyton Library.
  49. Doncaster
    1. 2014: Conisbrough Library may lose paid staff and become volunteer run or close (1). 8 libraries under threat (Armthorpe, Askern, Bentley, Cantley, Conisbrough, Hatfield, Tickhill and Woodland plus 1 mobile. (1).
    2. 2013: £120k refurbishment for Central Library inc. change to self-service machines (22/2/13).
    3. 2012: 12 will close or be transferred to volunteersApplication for judicial review of library closures (based on Mayor ignoring decision of more than two-thirds of Doncaster councillors)  due to be heard on 24th July (23/6/12). Mexborough Library reopened after refurbishment (17/3/12). Warmsworth, Bawtry, Rossington and Stainforth Libraries now run by volunteers (28/3/12). Balby now run by volunteers (9/4/12).
    4. 2011: 2 closed (Carcroft and Denaby). 14 branches under threat (total revised again due to more information) – 2 closed outright (Carcroft and Denaby) while 12 others (Bawtry, Intake, Warmsworth, Moorends, Rossington, Stainforth, Scawthorpe, Balby, Bessacarr, Edenthorpe, Wheatley and Sprotbrough) will be run by volunteersCarcroft and Denaby Librarieshave closed.  Previously 14 (out of 26) safeguarded for one year but still under threat  (may also be taken out of council control) (over 50% cut in funding)Cantley Library may be moved to Sycamore School as part of community centre.  Questions over if any of the 12 branches council says will be volunteer run will find necessary volunteers.
    5. Campaign group – Save Doncaster LibrariesSprotborough Community LibraryStainforth For All.
  50. Dorset
    1. 2013; 7 libraries will be transferred to volunteers: Puddletown, Chickerell, Wool, Colehill, Stalbridge, Burton Bradstock Library and Charmouth Library.  Wool now open with volunteers (16/1/13). Dorchester new co-located library/adult learning centre in Charles Street to open in June. Replaces Colliton Park Library. (3). 21% cut (3) Christchurch Library £2m extension to open mid-May.  To be co-located with Adult Learning (saving £50k p.a.) (4) Christchurch Library opens after £2m upgrade (5) £1.2m new Dorchester Library opens next week (twice current floorspace, inc. classrooms, wifi, Co-located with adult learning centre (7).
    2. 2012: 1 library closed (Portland Underhill). Charmouth passed to volunteers (14/11/12). Volunteer groups have presented business plans to take over eight branches that would otherwise close. Burton Bradstock Library fully passed to volunteers after joint staffing from 2007 (1/10/12). Corfe Castle likely to be run by volunteers (email from volunteer group, 17/6/12). The application for a volunteer-run Wool Library, in partnership with parish council, soon to start (20/9/12). Charmouth Library to be withdrawn in September, with building given to volunteers (14/3/12).  Volunteer groups have presented business plans to take over seven branches that would otherwise close, two other libraries without sufficient volunteers (Portland Underhill and Corfe Castle) likely to close (6/3/12). Portland Underhill Library to close 28/4/12 (28/1/12). £2m refurbishment of Christchurch Library (25/3/12).
    3. 2011: Nine libraries will close unless volunteer-run (Burton Bradstock, Charmouth, Chickerell, Colehill, Corfe Castle, Portland Underhill, Puddletown, Stalbridge and Wool), 10 reprieved (Beaminster, Corfe Mullen, Crossways, Littlemoor, Lyme Regis, Lytchett Matravers, Portland Tophill, Sturminster Newton, Upton, Wyke Regis). £800k cuts still need to be made.  Dorset is the sole council to receive an actual increase in funding for 2010/11. (1)(2)(official documents).
    4. Groups: Ad Lib (umbrella group)Charmouth Village Library.  Friends of Colehill LibraryDorset for Democracy
  51. Dudley
    1. 2012: £272k cut to budget (Dec).  Dudley Library will have housing office and CAB housed within it from January 2013. 2 other housing offices already moved into libraries (11/12/12).  £208k refurb of St Jame’s Road Library (15/10/12). All libraries to be self-service by April (6.2.12). Brierley Hill Library combined with housing office and Citizen’s Advice Bureau (18.3.12).  Netherton Library moved into Savoy Centre (10/2/13).
  52. Dumfries and Galloway
    1. 2014: Wigtown Library may have hours cut from 40 hours per week to 17.5 (1)  Wigtown Library confirmed opening hours cut. (2). All libraries to be integrated with customer service centres and Registrars. (2). £1.3m to be cut over three years. Library hours to be cut (4). Proposed cuts to Wigtown and Whithorn libraries opening hours stopped due to opposition. (4)
    2. 2013: Some jobs to be cut.  Registration and customer service facilities to move into Castle Douglas Library (5). Up to 20 full time equivalent posts in libraries/customer services/registration could go (6).
    3. 2012: Whithorn Library still open therefore no longer counted as under threat (15/8/12). Whithorn Library is due to close mid June (£256k cut via staffing and other)
  53. Dundee
    1. 2014: £211k cut in budget to Leisure and Culture Dundee.  (1)
    2. 2011: transferred to the same trust “Leisure And Culture Dundee” as swimming pools.
  54. Durham
    1. 2012: Decided to look once more at transferring service to Trust as suspect Government will keep (but halve) revenue benefits (7/11/12). 39 libraries to see reduction in hours in £1.5m budget cut.  Volunteers to assist. (6/11/12).  Consultation from 6/8/12 to 28/9/12 on cuts to opening hours and mobile library stops changes (5/8/12). Cuts to opening hours confirmed (12/7/12). £1.5m cut.  Reduced opening: ten branches to be cut to 36 hours per week, smaller libraries to be cut to 20 hours per weekmobile library service to be reduced.  Final decision to be made in July (24/5/12). Move to Trust for libraries delayed due to fear Government may remove tax advantages (21/5/12).  Libraries to be moved to a “‘Non Profit Distributing Organisation’” (27/3/12). £285k to be spent on Barnard’s Castle Library to create new council offices/customer access point (26.1.12). No libraries will close (23.1.12) but 250 library staff affected by cuts (19.1.12) Mobile libraries under threat in a “use it or lose it” proposal (18.1.12). Libraries/museums/leisure may move to being run by a trust (16.1.12).
    2. 2011: Barnards Castle Library safe after being threatened previously , possibly some cuts in opening hours at a few branches. Bookfund cut, with some reductions in opening hours proposed. Clayport Library ended Sunday opening (£90k cut)Consett library in poor condition, fears of closure. (£1.5m cut by 2015) (decision on closures delayed until 2012).
    3. Groups: Friends of Barnard Castle LibraryWe Love Belmont Library.
  55. Ealing
    1. 2013: Bidders to run outsourced library service reduced to two to save £250k (11/2/13) Library service to be run by JLIS (Laing) (5)
    2. 2012: Considering privatisation (23/7/12).  £430k cut.  9% cut in opening hours (that is, 57 hours per week less): Northolt loses 10 hours a week, Southall more than seven and Hanwell and Perivale more than six. 20 full time staff lost (one sixth of workforce) leaving 98 staff left (24/5/12).  £2.2m investment including £900k for Hanwell, £400k for Perivale, £900k for Southall Library to be relocated into Dominion Arts Centre. (25/4/12). Library service may be privatised or outsourced, either through private company or by a Trust.  Service in talks with Brent and Harrow about sharing services (26/1/12). Staff 2007/8 140 2011/12 123.4 (18.7 prof, 104.7 other) Volunteers 2007/8 0 2011/12 29 (Cipfa).
    3. 2011: 1 Mobile Library lost.  Perivale £400k upgrade (saved from closure this year), Hanwell will have £900k essential improvements.  50 volunteers assist. It looks likely no branch library will close (mobile library will close though). Hanwell, Perivale, Northfields (£610k upgrade in 2007), Northolt Leisure Centre (£1m upgrade January 2010) were under threat; Current plan to go before committee is – (1) Picture sale of £570k to go to Libraries for Wifi, new computers. (2) Library opening hours reduced by 25 per week, (3) move to Trust, volunteers, or other model to be considered, (4) “comprehensive” volunteer programme, (5) some branches may be entirely “self-service”, (6)  20 FTE library jobs to go. Cut to budget may be 30% over four years,
    4. Groups: Ealing Library Campaign.
  56. East Ayrshire – 2013: New Auchinleck Library on 15th April (4).
  57. East Dunbartonshire.  Kirkintilloch Library to be used by Leisure Trust and as a “community hub”.  £500k spent on changing building will make library 10% smaller but it will “feel larger” (1/5/12).
  58. East Lothian. 2014 £20k cut in opening hours (17 hours per week spread over seven libraries). (8) 2013: At least one mobile library to go, cuts in funding (27/1/13). 2012: Libraries may become part of enjoyleisure Trust, Opening hours cuts inc. Ormiston (from 30 to 21)
  59. East Renfrewshire – 2014: Plan to transfer libraries/leisure centres/community halls/theatre to Trust by Summer 2015 (7)
  60. East Riding of Yorkshire
    1. 2012: Two libraries (Hessle and Withernsea) to be co-located with one stop shops to provide longer opening hours and to save £50,000 p.a (25/10/12).  Goole Library reopens after self-service installation and upgrading (5/8/12).  Considering “other management models”.  “Budget changes are £57k cut 2011/12, £80k cut 2012/13, £127k cut 2013/14 according to supporting papers on Council site.”  (1/7/12).
  61. East Sussex
    1. 2014: £56k Arts Council funding for works of art. (2).  New Seaford Library expected to be open Summer 2014. New Newhaven Library delayed: work to start soon (4). One mobile library (out of two) to be lost, £131k cut. (4).
    2. 2013: New Hastings Library and register office: expanding library into neighbouring Brassey Institute.  Planning application to be submitted February 2013 (11/2/13). Bexhill Library refurbished. (4) Newhaven to be refurbished and expanded, Seaford new library “640 square metres of public space providing public access computers, meeting rooms, dedicated facilities for children and young people, event space and café” (5).
    3. 2012:  Volunteer-run bookshop selling withdrawn library books to boost income in Eastbourne (21/10/12).  New library in Newhaven may be open by end of 2013 as first floor of £1.6m building” (9/8/12) (27/2/12): Rural and mobile libraries review until 21/5/12 (26/2/12).  A new Seaford Library will be built (inc. day care centre and flats for people with learning difficulties), old library closed with temporary one for next year or so (2/2/12), Some libraries may close, less bookfund and staff(9th Jan) Hastings Library to be refurbished and expanded: Registrars and Archives relocated to expanded building. (20th Jan)
    4. 2011: (£313k cut) less books bought. “new libraries and library developments in 2011 in Rye, Wadhurst and Forest Row” (9/3/12).
  62. Edinburgh
    1. 2014: Central Library refurbished: new children’s and music areas (5)
    2. 2012: After public protest, further funding found so there now appears to be no cuts to opening hours (23/2/12) (but this has been disputed – 5/3/12). Previously, £300k cut proposal included existing Sunday opening safeguarded, with more Saturday opening, 10,000 respond to consultation. “Our response has been to propose that £300,000 be allocated in the 2012/13 council budget to retain Sunday opening in all six libraries where it currently exists and that a further 3 libraries will increase their opening hours from 32 to 42 per week. It will also result in longer Saturday service at 15 libraries to reflect customer demand. Opening hours and usage of the other libraries will be kept under review and rest assured we will respond to customer need” (4/3/12). Balerno, Balgreen, Colinton and Gilmerton are still set to see their Thursday service cut, while late Thursday openings will end at all of the city’s facilities. Stockbridge, Portobello and Morningside libraries recently upgraded (16/2/12 and 17/2/12). New Drumbrae Library (£5.7m) opened, inc. cafe, computer classes, police/council services (31/1/12).
    3. 2011: £550k cut proposed which would have meant most libraries will have reduced hours, Sunday opening ended (in all six libraries currently open then), Thursday evening opening ended but Saturday morning and afternoon opening extended to all libraries – however, this appears not to have been enacted (see 2012 links) . Guarantee not to close libraries, self-service being installed. Possible cut in mobiles
  63. Enfield. 2014: 4 (out of 5) Early Years Library Outreach Workers lost. (4). Palmers Green Library undergoing refurbishment for more than one year (7) 2013: No libraries will close (previously Ordnance Road, Enfield Highway and Bullsmoor were under threat). 20% budget cut, 17 staff face possible redundancy. Staff 2007/8 143 2011/12 128 (23 prof, 105 other)
    Volunteers 2007/8 31 2011/12 117 (Cipfa). £578k cut 2011, £300k 2012 and 2013. 
  64. Essex
    1. 2014:  Essex one of ten authorities to share £93k Arts Council England funding for artists/volunteers to boost junior summer library use.  (1)
    2. 2013: Libraries take on role of council information points for Epping Forest District Council (13/2/13) Hadleigh Library may move into new building as part of development plans (3) Springfield Library (first new library in 25 years in Essex) opens with volunteers staffing it from the start, with paid staff support (5). Mark Hall Library to be converted to self-service (12)
    3. 2012: 4.1.12 US debt recovery firm to be used for late fees/unreturned itemsNo branches to close but 5 managers lost job in 2011, Colchester reduced hours from 67.5 to 59 hoursCuts to rhymetime (26/8/12). New Springfield Library to be opened in 2013.
    4. 2011: extensive opening hours cuts to 54 of 73 branches, 21 jobs to go, but no cuts to mobiles.  Possibility of community groups being involved in running some libraries. Cuts in spite of Essex having £200m in reserves. No Sunday opening in the Epping Forest area. Two homework clubs in Greenstead and Harlow to be axed (28/2/12).
  65. Falkirk
    1. 2014: During the first quarter of 2014, 25,813 people used the library service, down from 31,199 during the same period in 2011. User numbers have fallen consistently every quarter. Issues are also down, going from 1.1 million in 2010-11 to 927,074 in 2012/13. (4)
    2. 2012: “part-time staff hours have been cut and one professional librarian’s post has been deleted and replaced at a lower wage.” (20/2/12).
    3. 2011: (transferred to Trust), Nine-hour reduction per week in each library.
  66. Fife
    1. 2013: Kirkcaldy refurb £2.5m joins library with museum and gallery.  Opened 8th June. (6).
    2. 2012: Burntisland Library to be combined with museum and local studies centre. Inverkeithing and Methil already combined (6/8/12).
    3. 2011: Libraries/theatres/archives/arts/museums to be turned into a Trust£639k expected to be saved per year due to tax avoidance due to this change.  However, libraries face a £2m cut over three years.
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