Songs about public libraries


  • At the Library by Lorraine King is pure library propaganda but none the worst for it – “at the library, it’s all for free…” .

    • Library Card by Melvil Dewey – “Everybody put your card up! Everybody put your library card up!”.
    • Boasting six inch characters dancing on books and the line “having fun is never hard if you have a library card is Shhhh (a song about libraries) by Sky Rocket Jack.

  • An absolutely brilliant and hilarious song about a novel way to save libraries but hardly for the easily offended – Do it in the Library by Jonny and the Baptists.

Library – Gecko.

I love the library – Bucky.

Save Hungerford Library from Steph Richardson

  • #1 written by Maggie
    about 4 years ago

    Brilliant! A serious topic enlivened with humour – love John Doughtery’s

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