407 libraries plus 53 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
– plus two – Blackpool – Boundary and Mereside libraries to go.
– plus one – Bolton – previously listed as “up to 8”, new report suggests 9.
– plus three – North Ayrshire – now have figure of 3 libraries to close, previously listed as “some”. (S)
Save Our Libraries Day is on Saturday 5th FebruaryLet your friends know.  One of the big things about libraries are that they are impartial so let your enemies know too.  A list of events and what to do are here and here and here.  Gloucestershire are doing rather a lot. The time taken for suggested actions range from two minutes to half an hour.  There are many suggestions online that the simplest thing to show one’s support is to simply use your library on that day. The day was the brainchild of Alan Gibbons who is to be given all credit and also, in my opinion, should be made the new children’s laureate.  Perhaps he could share the honour with Philip Pullman.
There have been many reports of Lib Dem councillors (or Conservative ones) protesting against library cuts.  However, there are reports today of people both strongly linked with the government also doing so.  Not just a Dorset Lib Dem MP  has come on board (although her support is most welcome) – no, the Children and Families Minister Sarah Teather has spoken against library cuts (even apparently promoting “direct action”) and the government’s digital champion, Martha Lane Fox has tweeted in favour of libraries.  However, the continuing absence of the minister responsible for libraries, Ed Vaizey, from meaningful action is raising eyebrows and has led to suggestions he may be flouting his legal duty to intervene.  The Independent even draws similarites between him (and, to be fair, the rest of his ministry) and Pontius Pilate.

One could think one would get past being shocked but … North Ayrshire are to be congratulated.  A report says they paid a consultant £100k to decide, amongst other things, that Kilwinning Library should be shut (running cost = £79k).

News (full list of library closures starts below links, (S) shows item added on Sunday)

Camden – Council to ask bankers for 5% of their bonuses, first beneficiary libraries – Daily Telegraph

Croydon – Meeting on planned library closures (of all the cuts proposed, this has provoked the most uproar) – This is Croydon Today
Hounslow – residents invited to read-in protest – Brentford & Hounslow Chronicle
Lincolnshire – mobile routes cut – Spalding Today (I have not included this as a cut as it appears to be normal management of under-used routes, unless anyone knows differently). 
North Yorkshire – Campaign now – Darlington and Stockton Times
North Yorkshire – closures are unfair – Darlington and Stockton Times
North Yorkshire – Residents rally in bid to save libraries – Craven Herald and Pioneer (S)
Somerset – Residents reject library cuts – ITV West Country 28 January (3:20 to 5:40)
Somerset – Big Issue founder John Bird against the closures – John Bird (not available online)
Surrey – Council leaves £21 million unspent – Will Forster, Lib Dem councillor
Swindon – no library to close – Swindon Advertiser
Wiltshire – volunteers asked to staff Ludgershall, librarians wiped, self-service installed – Andover Advertiser
160 years of progress unravelled – Labour List (Lisa Nandy)
“Burn down the libraries” – Conrad Landin (S)
Closures are not Victorian, they’re pre-Victorian – Progressives (Nick Thomas-Symonds)
Great library revolt continues – Fifteen days without a head (Dave Cousins)
Homeless against library closures – Doorway
Libraries are awesome – Wil Wheaton (S)
Libraries for beginners – Did you ever stop and think? (S)
Save libraries posters – Phil Bradley
List of cuts by authority (click on name of authority for link to relevant report)
NB. From 2012, the MLA will be abolished – the Arts Council will take over its role for libraries with a budget of £3m rather than £13m.  Therefore, libraries start 2012 with £10m less, regardless of any further cuts.
Aberdeenshire – some, (brief mention here seems to suggest all but this very unlikely)
Angus – 4 libraries closed this year (April) to be possibly replaced by a mobile.  More info here
Argyll and Bute – 3 libraries and mobile library.
Barnet – some – public consultation here
Barnsley – up to 8
Bedfordshire – 1 mobile to go
Bexley – 3 (3 from a list of 5 will go, plus one mobile)
Birmingham – 39 (three libraries lose hours so Tower Hill can remain open) (school library service to close)
Blackburn with Darwen – (reduced opening hours)
Blackpool – 2
Bolton – 9
Brent – 6 (out of 12)
Bromley – (KAB talking books cut)
Buckinghamshire – up to 14 to close or be staffed by volunteers (this article says 11)(£688k cut)
Bury – 1 (1 other reduced hours) – Manchester Evening News
Calderdale – Some? (£350k cut inc.12 jobs, £200k stock)
Cambridgeshire13 (36% cut in funding, closures down from previously reported 19) (mobile services already “slashed”) (£1.1m cut) (school library service closed)
Camden – several plus one mobile library (£2 million cut)
Central Bedfordshire – one mobile library to go
Conwy – 7 (out of 12)
Cornwall – (23% cut, 102 hours opening lost)
Croydon – Up to 6 (public gets to choose which), (£619k saving)
Derbyshire – (Opening hours to be cut)
Doncaster12, (may also be taken out of council control) (over 50% cut in funding)
Dorset – up to 20 (out of 34) to close or be given to community groups  (£143k off bookfund).  Dorset is the sole council to receive an actual increase in funding for 2010/11. (£800k cut for libraries)
Dumfries – 7
Durham – some (£1.4m cut)(or is it £1.5m?)
East Sussex – (£313k cut) (less books bought)
Falkirk – (transferred to Trust)
Flintshire – 5 and at least one mobile
Gateshead – some (school library service, music library, AIRS talking newspaper under threat)
Gloucestershire – Up to 18 and 6 mobiles  – 11 to close or go to volunteers. 7 to close if they don’t find a partner (43% total cut in funding).  A further 11 reduced to 3.5 days a week. 100 library jobs to go say UNISON, 40 FTE to go says council, inc 36 managers cut to 9, 3.5 FTE librarian posts cut (to 10)
Greenwich – (could be turned into a Trust) (school library service closed)
Hammersmith and Fulham – 2 and 1 mobile (record office to charge for access) (£310k cut)
Hampshire – 13 mobiles (58 FTE jobs to go) (and mobile libraries cut within two miles of each branch, this report says 18FTE to go)(libraries merged with IT/property etc) Source of number of mobiles is UNISON Hampshire, No extra overtime or weekend pay
Haringey – (staff cuts)
Harrow – (34 FTE to go)
Hartlepool – 1 confirmed to close (another to merge with community centre, all library’s hours cut)
Herefordshire – (new Ledbury Library delayed) (no branches to close but mobile library review)
Hertfordshire – (opening hours to be cut by one third – from 2236 hours down to 1575) (mobile libraries cut) – At least one library (Borehamwood)  faces a 40% cut. (£580k cut in first year, £1.4m after)
Highland – (Wick Library to close and merge with school library) (may move to being in a Trust) (this report says no closures)
Hounslow8 (out of 11, £870,000 savings this year on top of £1 million in the last 18 months).
Hull – some (to merge with “customer service centres”)
Hounslow 8 (£869k p.a cut – reduction in hours,12 FTE to go, 1 IT skills suite closed)
Inverclyde – some
Isle of Wight – 9 (out of 11) – most serious cuts I am aware of  (consultation ends 7 Feb)
Kent some (volunteers to be asked to run some) (83 FTE to go as self-service comes in)- Isle of Thanet one of areas hardest hit (School library service closed)
Kingston – (50% adult bookfund cut)
Kirklees – at least 1
Lambeth – 2 mobiles (setting up a trust “which will give you a chance to run libraries”)
Lancashire – 2 mobile libaries (plus 16% staffing cut)
Leeds – Up to 20 (out of 52) – council says 20 closures are not about cuts but to make service viable.
Leicestershire – NB This information is under doubt.  I have received a call saying this article relates to Leicester.  Article, though, seems to be indicate it is Leicestershire.  No libraries are down for closure according to his article, although they could all/some be transferred to a trust or privatised (merge of lending/reference- 14 FTE jobs lost). 
Lewisham – 5
Milton Keynes – 2
Newport – 7
Norfolk – (£1.5m over 3 yrs proposed cut inc opening hours cut, staffing cut, bookfund cut, less mobile visits)
Northern Ireland – 10
Northamptonshire – 8 out of 38 may close, 2 mobile libraries to end. Cuts to management and support also.
Northumberland – some
North Ayrshire
North Lanarkshire – 1 (closed March 2010)
North Norfolk – some (c. £1m reduction)
North Somerset – 1 closed, 2 proposed, volunteers may run libraries. Weston Mercury update
North Yorkshire24 (out of 42) to close or be staffed by volunteers, 9 mobiles to go off road, surviving libraries could have funding cut to share out with any community-run libraries established. (£1.1m cut)
Nottinghamshire – (opening hours halved, 80 FTE jobs to go, 50% off bookfund, 1 library already closed.
Oldham – (increase in volunteers, merging, cuts)
Oxfordshire – 20 – list of those under threat here, Oxford Central hours extended to 7 days per week 
Redbridge – 5 out of 12 may close, another may relocate.
Renfrewshire 1 (1 library to move into smaller sites in community centres)
Richmond – 1 (£351k cut) (service may be privatised)
Rochdale1 (some library managers to to go in first phase of cuts)
Rutland – (6 libraries to have reduced hours, staff cut)
Salford – some
Sandwell – some
Sefton – 3
Sheffield – (30% cut expected)
Shropshire – 2 and 3 mobiles(reference library to merge with central library)
Somerset –  11 (out of 34) will be offered to community groups over 2 years. 4 (out of 6) mobile libraries will also go.  25% cut in funding. Full (revised) plans here. Rethink on mobiles may happen – article here.
Southampton – 2
Southend – some
Southwarkshire – (school libray service closed)
Stoke – 2 and 1 mobile library, (ends RNIB service)
Suffolk – 29 (out of 44) – (consultation here)
Surrey11 and 5 mobiles
Sutton – (school library service to close)
Swansea – some
Thanet – some
Thurrock – (RNIB subscription ends)
Tower Hamlets – (staff made to reapply for their own jobs -23 library staff replaced)
Trafford – (mobile library to be staffed by volunteers)
Wakefieldat least 2 , new central library but local closures
Walsall – 6 (30 FTE). More details here .  Count cut from 8 to 6 due to article here
Walthamstow – some
Wandsworth – 1 (mention in Guardian here) plus reduction in hours in others.
Warrington – 2 and 1 mobile library confirmed . More info here. Journals stopped also, £25k off staff. £10k off reference.
West Dunbartonshire – 3 (some staff losses too)
West Sussex Some (5 FTE lost, some librarians pay reduced to library assistant)
Westminster – (Marylebone may never reopen)
Wigan – Up to 15 out of 17  (£1.1m cut off £4m budget)
Wiltshire – 10 (plus reductions in hours in all but one of the others) (26 FTE posts have gone in Dec 2010  inc. 9 out of 13 community librarians)(cuts include a £940k library opened Dec 2010)(self-service in all)
Worcestershire – some (Pershore library to move out of town centre) , contact centres may combine with libraries

Authorities which have announced there will be no library closures (2011 financial year)
Anglesey – 4 libraries earmarked for closure have apparently been (temporarily) saved
Barking and Dagenham
Cornwall – (one stop shops moving into them, book supply being done differently to save money, no guarantee for 2012) (23% cut in library budget, 102 hours p.w. cut)
Devon (may have reduced opening hours, less mobile stops, no new Exeter Library – although this article suggests mobile library service has improved).  BBC article confirms no closures. (“brutal” cuts to Exeter Record Office)
(number of libraries actually increasing here)
Merton – (£118k cut – 2 libraries will have reduced hours but reprieved from threatened closure)Moray – (may move to being in a Trust, another article here)

Norfolk – (no closures but staffing cut, bookfund cut, opening hours cut, less mobile visits)
Trafford – (but mobile library staff will be replaced by volunteers)
Windsor and Maidenhead