373 libraries plus 32 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)

Following on from the Daily Mail’s attack on Roy Clare yesterday, the Guardian reports that the shadow Culture Minister has asked the Government to condemn his remarks that libraries are for the white middle classes.  He is also criticized in the leading article in the Independent and almost universally in all the comments attached to all the articles mentioned.  This is what library campaigners think of his comments.

In addition, I am also starting to see widespread impatience at Ed Vaizey’s somewhat hand’s off approach to closures.  There is even a new word – “Evaizive” – for the stock answers emanating from his office to all protesting emails/letters.

#savelibraries was a top trending topic worldwide on Twitter today – for those unaware of the joy of tweeting, I should explain that this is a major achievement and shows the importance of libraries amongst those who are very au fait with computers and who do not want them preserved in aspic.

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