346 libraries plus 29 mobiles currently under threat or recently closed (List below “News”)
– minus 23 (!) – Cornwall – Libraries are safe in 2011 with One Stop Shops moving in and book supply being done in a different way to save money. There is no guarantee after 2011 though but this is good enough for it to be taken off the list.

The numbers took a welcome dip today – Cornwall had been reported as facing a very serious cut but they are at least temporarily safe.  It is noticeable that the numbers announced after Christmas has been a lot less, with the avalanche being in November and December.  This presents some possiblities – are councils going to announce closures in February without consultation?  Are councils waiting to see what happens with the “brave and strategic” big cutters like Gloucestershire before acting themselves?  Whatever happens, I see the temporary lull and even decline in numbers, as a good sign…. and good signs are in short supply these days.

Anglesey -Library service to be reviewed – BBC News
Birmingham – Sutton Coldfield to be “forced” open (had been mothballed due to asbestos and lack of funds) – Birmingham Mail
Buckinghamshire – Council cuts run to 19 pages “on top of measures already proposed to get volunteers to run libraries” –  Buckinghamshire Advertiser
Cambridgeshire – Ask a loaded question (how the survey was biased) – Straight Statistics
Cornwall – libraries safe this year (one stop shops moving in, book sourcing savings) – Lanson Boy
Croydon – Hobson’s Choice as public told to choose which library (or more) to close – London Evening Standard
Gloucestershire – open letter to councillors – FoGL
Gloucestershire – comedian Stewart Lee backs campaign – Tewkesbury Ad Mag
Gloucestershire – Still time to have say on closures – Tewkesbury Ad Mag
Gloucestershire – Users fear future after proposed closure of Bourton Library – Cotswold Journal
Gloucestershire – meetings about closures – Wilts and Glos Standard
Hartlepool – authority writes to complain to government about cuts, inc. libraries – Hartlepool Mail
Leicestershire – To cut 1000 jobs, library review to be carried out – BBC News
North Yorkshire – Author Mike Pannett attacks closures plan (33% cut in funding in 4 years) – Gazette & Herald
North Yorkshire – Consultation meeting over library closures – Gazette & Herald
North Yorkishire – Libraries under threat (video) – Guardian
Oxfordshire – Author Colin Dexter “shocked and ashamed” at closures – BBC News
Oxfordshire – School against closure – Get Reading
Oxfordshire – three public meetings on libraries – Henley Standard
Somerset – Town council considers funding closing Highgate Library, with volunteers – Burnham-on-sea.com
Warrington – library review results and decisions made (2 libraries closed, magazines stopped, mobile library stopped, £25k off wages) – Warrington council

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Mr Vaizey, in the Library, with an Axe – Guardian letters
Resources for occupying your library – The Third Estate (Warning – this is included as it is library related.  Do not occupy your library.  It is illegal.  Illegal acts cause massive negative publicity and, well, they’re illegal.  Don’t do it, is what is being said here).
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