527 libraries (466 buildings and 61 mobiles) currently under threat or recently closed (List below) out of 4517 in the UK (CILIP figures)
(S) = addition to blog on Sunday

Bradford – plus 5 – Addingham, Denholme, Heaton, Wilsden and Wrose.
– Doncaster – 14 libraries, previously under threat, retained for one year while service reviewed. I am keeping these as “under threat” until it is clearer what is happening to them.

Dorset – council decides to delay closures until July to allow further consultation and more chance to find volunteers.
Greenwich – plus 1 – Ferrier Library to be demolished. (S)
Lewisham – 5 libraries confirmed as closing (out of 12) – no change to figures as these already counted.
Liverpool – some (28% / £458k cut 2011/12, £1.9m 2012/13) or may be cut in opening hours.
North Yorkshire – £650k to keep threatened libraries open for a bit longer (inc. money from bookfund)
Oxfordshire – suggestion all closures delayed due to nimbyism by David Cameron (S)
– Southampton – Private Eye suggests Millbrook saved from closure, no checkable online references yet.
Walsall – some (previously described as safe)
Many authorities appear to be “finding” more money to delay closing closing libraries for a few months or even for a year.  One of the reasons is to allow time for more consultation.  Another is to allow time to get volunteers and other groups interested.  The cynic in me suggests a reason may be so the closures do not happen in election year.  Whatever the reason, it means libraries will be open a bit longer and, perhaps, just perhaps may be saved.  Or not.  It shows the story of this year’s closures is, at the very least, to be continued.

Local News – all news is representative and not comprehensive
Birmingham – library grilling for Kings Heath councillor – About My Area
Bradford – 5 libraries to be closed – Telegraph and Argus
Cambridgeshire – children’s books fly off the shelves – Cambridge News (80% of 5 to 10 year olds use library, 13 due to close)
Croydon – drivers beep their horns in support of 300 library protesters – This is Croydon Today (S)
Croydon – legal hitch may protect Broad Green library from closure – This is Croydon Today (S) Broad Green closure would mean nearest library is four bus changes away.
Doncaster – cautious welcome to library reprieve – Star (S)
Doncaster – libraries saved for one year – Save Doncaster Libraries

Hammersmith and Fulham – archives department “suspended” – Council website
Isle of Wight – people’s budget could use reserves to save libraries – IWCP
Kent – Friends of Westgate Library fight to keep it open – This is Kent
Lambeth – Petition to save Waterloo – London SE1
Lewisham – Carnival of Cuts – News Shopper

Lewisham – 5 libraries confirmed as closing despite 20000 petition – London Evening Standard
Lewisham – protest over council budget – BBC
Lewisham – council confirms 5 closures – BBC
Lewisham – Fate of Lewisham’s libraries – Londona Masala and Chips
Liverpool – 1000 march – Morning Star (S)
Liverpool – march against cuts, inc to libraries – Liverpool Echo
Liverpool – 28% (£500k) cut to libraries – possible closures, cut to hours – Liverpool Echo
North Yorkshire – ready to fight to save our libraries – Harrogate Advertiser
North Yorkshire – financial boost for library campaigners – Scarborough Evening News
North Yorkshire – council finds funds to delay closures – Northern Echo (S)
North Yorkshire – campaign website for Bentham
Oxfordshire – David Cameron intervenes to stop closures – Good Library Blog
Oxfordshire – shock boost set to save library? Extra £300k found – Thame Today
Richmond – Campaigners continue to fight for Heathfield (due to close in March) – Richmond and Twickenham Times (S)
Slough – we’ll take the books from libraries closed down elsewhere – Maidenhead Advertiser
Somerset – despite protests, the council went ahead and closed them anyway – Taunton People
Suffolk – council votes through huge cuts – EADT
Surrey – library service review – Information Twist
Swindon – library reopens after major refurbishment – Swindon Advertiser
Walsall – £232k to be spent on self-service, some may close – Express and Star
Wandsworth – Council agenda/papers for library cuts – Wandsworth Council (S)
Yorkshire – outcry as a fifth of libraries to close in Yorkshire (N Yorks, Bradford, etc) -Yorkshire Post “The vast majority of the libraries earmarked for closure so far are in small towns and villages scattered around the region, where local services are already scarce.”

National News
80% of 5 to 10 year olds use the library – Press Association
Bookless child and the postcode lottery – Independent
Cameron accused of nimbyism as Oxfordshire is given more money and pressure is apparently applied to ensure no library closures in PM’s constituency – Independent on Sunday (S) (pages 2-3 with banner on front page)
Essex has cafes and self-service, Localism Bill would allow private companies to shoulder community groups aside – Independent

– Broadband Choice
Legal obligations of councils to libraries – Oxford Civic Society
Library Special – Private Eye 18th Feb to 3rd Mar (Paywall/Not available online – includes creative workshop banned from Sheffield Library as political; worrying USA experience about LSSI; Millbrook library in Southampton saved)
Librarians one of the least paid comparative to IQ (honest) – Audacious Epigone
Libraries – “wonderful place for children” (Francesca Simon) – BBC Today Programme (3 minutes) closing libraries is “idiotic and barbaric”.
Libraries must evolve or become works of fiction – NLGN (S)
Library cuts will deny our children the glorious addiction of reading – Observer “There are groups across the country protesting against their councils’ decisions, but the outcry is piecemeal. Unlike the mass uprising against the sell-off of the woodlands, which forced the minister to publicly apologise for her mistake, there is no pressure on central government.” (S)
Library lending figures – Public Lending Right data – Guardian
Library Lust – Post Secrets (S)
Miliband attacks Government on NHS – Press Associaton “On the NHS, just as on libraries, SureStart centres and forests, ministers are trying to push through ideologically-driven policies and without consultation and are losing public support as a result, Mr Miliband told Labour activists.”
Passion for an American Librarian – why the new Guardian blogger is on a sticky wicket – Use Libraries and Learn Stuff  (S)
RFID Self Service – is now the right time? – Thoughts of a wannabe librarian
Sexy, spooky locations – Libraries on film – Guardian (S)
UK Uncut setting up libraries outside Barclays – Guardian